• [ Image ] Yamaha Wins Four Midsouth Regional Emmy Awards

Yamaha Wins Four Midsouth Regional Emmy Awards

Yamaha Entertainment Group, an organization within Yamaha Corporation of America, won four Midsouth Regional Emmy® Awards for its short film “World Without Music” in February 2020.

The Tennessee-based record label earned victories in the “Director, Short Form,” “Audio,” “Photographer,” and “Editor/Program” categories. In addition, “World Without Music” received nominations in the “Arts,” “Music Composer/Arranger,” “Lighting,” and “Commercial Campaign” categories in November 2019.

“World Without Music” ( https://vimeo.com/326442767 ) is a visually stunning and emotionally powerful film that highlights the company’s brand promise, “Make Waves.” Featuring a number of Yamaha artists including James Newton Howard, Butch Walker, Lindsey Stirling, Bob James, Michael McDonald, and many more, the film depicts a child wandering through a dismal and derelict world devoid of music. He eventually discovers a grand piano, and through the power of playing just one note, the world is rejuvenated. This highlights that music is not merely an aesthetically pleasant diversion, but a fundamental pillar of the human experience, bringing people together across all geographic and cultural boundaries and empowering us to make our own waves — in music and in life.

[ Photo ] Butch Walker
Butch Walker
[ Photo ] Michael McDonald
Michael McDonald

“It was an honor just to be nominated for these awards, and an even deeper and more humbling one to win in four categories,” said Chris Gero, chief artist relations executive, Yamaha Artist Relations Group/Yamaha Entertainment Group. “I sincerely thank NATAS for these awards, which confirm our philosophy that music truly has the ability to create a kinder, more connected, more joyful world in which every person has the power to ‘Make Waves.’”

Yamaha Entertainment Group has won 11 Regional Emmy Awards since 2016.

For more information about Yamaha Entertainment Group, visit http://www.yamahaentertainmentgroup.com/