Six Yamaha Designs Selected in Good Design Awards 2023, YH-L700A Headphones Chosen for Good Design Best 100

- Yamaha Designs Selected for 40 Consecutive Years Since 1984 -

Yamaha Corporation announces that six of its designs this year have received a Good Design Award, which is an award sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion: namely, the YH-L700A, YH-E700B, and YH-5000SE headphones; the CK61 Stage Keyboard; the CS-800/CS-500 Video Collaboration Systems; and the "Oto Baton" musical instrument buyback service from Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation. The YH-L700A headphones were also chosen for the Good Design Best 100, which consists of designs that have received especially high evaluations.

Many such awards have been won by Yamaha designs in the 40 consecutive years since 1984, including the 2017 Grand Award for its casual wind instrument, Venova™. All of these award-winning designs embody the Yamaha design philosophy, sharing its fundamental qualities: designs should have Integrity, should be Innovative, Aesthetic, and Unobtrusive, and should show a commitment to Social Responsibility.

Good Design Best 100 Recipient

YH-L700A Headphones

Wireless headphones that let you experience movies, concerts, and other video content with cinema-like sound that immerses you in the experience. Choose from seven different Surround Modes, suitable for a variety of situations, to recreate the three-dimensional sonic spaces of your content. The headphones also adapt in real time, based on the size and shape of the listener's ears and head, providing optimal sound quality wherever you go. Fabric and leather materials are used throughout the exterior design to create an impression of gently embracing the user, while the functional placement of an imitation leather panel for controls and resin buttons on the side of the housing offer a comfortably fit and intuitive operation.

Good Design Award Recipients

CK61 Stage Keyboard

A stage keyboard that packs the sound and functionality your performance demands into a compact body. With built-in speakers and the ability to operate on batteries, you'll be able to play no matter where you go. Careful thought has been given to the shape and layout of the controls, LED colors of buttons, and other elements of the user interface to offer a superior playing experience. The rounded corners of the body are accented by a line running around the outer edge on the back of the keyboard, emphasizing its compact size and drawing the audience's attention to its unique sense of presence.

YH-E700B Headphones

Wireless headphones with accurate sound produced by low-distortion drivers and a precise housing design to recreate all the delicate nuances of instruments and vocals. The headphones place an emphasis on comfortable fit and feel, with a lightly textured surface that is a delight to touch and hold. The housing is designed so that when the hand is placed over the earcup, the index finger naturally aligns with the bar-shaped hanger, functioning as a guide to position the headphones on the head naturally.

YH-5000SE Headphones

Our flagship headphones, created by taking advantage of the latest technology to redesign our Orthodynamic™ driver that captivated audiophiles in the 1970s. The design is both functional and beautiful, with the lightest weight and most comfortable fit possible, inviting the listener to enjoy a deeply immersive listening experience without discomfort, even during extended use. Produced in the same Japanese factory that handles our flagship models of grand pianos.

CS-800/CS-500 Video Collaboration Systems

A remote meeting system that harnesses the synergy between AI technology and voice and video data to deliver speakers' words, gestures, and fascial expressions in real-time. Caters to diverse working styles and office spaces by offering optimized sound spaces and usability, no matter where you are. The CS-800 is a video soundbar with built-in speakers that can be used in medium-sized conference rooms. The CS-500 is an all-in-one model with an integrated microphone and camera, making it perfect for open spaces. Both models are designed to allow users to experience more productive and creative communication via remote meetings.

"Oto Baton" Musical Instrument Buyback Service (Japan)

A service that brings together musical instruments that have been lying around the house unused with the people who need them. Yamaha musical instruments that end up unused due to being replaced by new models, etc. are bought back, meticulously serviced, and then rented out to those just starting to play, making it easier to experience the joy of musical instruments. The service makes the most of limited resources to contribute to the promotion and development of music culture.

  • *Operated by Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd.
  • *Award shared by Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd. and Yamaha Corporation
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