Yamaha Music London, Yamaha's Only European Flagship Store,
Reopens October 12 Following In-Store Renewal

Experiential Services Expanded to Encourage Visits from Beginners, Those New to Musical Instruments
Musical Experiences Blend Digital and Real Life, Expanded Yamaha Guitar Selection Biggest in Europe

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation, announces the renewal and subsequent reopening of its European flagship store, Yamaha Music London, on October 12, 2023.

Yamaha Music London

Yamaha Music London opened its doors in 2007 in the heart of Soho, London as Yamaha's European flagship store. This was its first in-store renewal in six years. Guided by the four themes of "Inviting," "Inspiring," "Experience," and "Repeating," the renewal has transformed the store into a place where a broad range of customers—from those who have never touched a musical instrument to professional musicians—can enjoy music and experience the Yamaha brand.

Renewal Highlights

GF: Designed to be more welcoming to beginners and those who have never played a musical instrument

  • Expanded experiential service offerings and entry-model displays. Now features Europe's largest selection of Yamaha digital pianos, which are perfect for those new to the piano.
  • Newly added event space with stage and AV gaming area, which allows visitors to experience Yamaha AV product quality through games.

B1/1F: Selection of products and services that can cater to everyone from beginners and hobbyists to professional musicians and performing artists

  • Newly added basement floor dedicated to guitars now offers Europe's biggest selection of Yamaha guitars. Another new addition, "The Guitar Lab" features full-time technicians who can perform guitar maintenance, etc.
  • Also a popular photo spot, due to its classical architectural style, the first floor now features an impressive display of around 30 acoustic pianos.


  • Strengthened user-centric services and introduced check-in system using the "Yamaha Music ID" multi-service member's ID to better respond to customers' day-to-day needs.
  • Added video and photo space to make it easier for customers to share a glimpse of their musical experiences with others.

Key Features

1. Ground floor redesigned to be more welcoming to everyone, with improved product displays geared toward events and beginners

The ground floor has been redesigned to cater to those who want to enjoy musical instruments, with a new "Yamaha Stage" event space and a "pre-beginner island" that features displays with models geared toward beginners and those who are new to musical instruments. With a booth where visitors can handle and try playing musical instruments, lesson-type events conducted by staff, and more, the store helps beginners and those new to musical instruments discover an instrument that suits them and get the most out of playing it. The floor offers Europe's largest selection of digital pianos, with models geared toward a wide variety of uses, including those perfect for beginners. The first of its kind at a Yamaha Group directly managed store, a new permanent "AV gaming area" that allows visitors to experience Yamaha audio equipment through gaming has been added to attract those with little or no previous contact with musical instruments. Moving forward, the store also plans to expand global customer contact points by using the event space to host events in collaboration with Yamaha directly managed stores in Ginza, Yokohama, Singapore, and more.

2. New floor dedicated to Yamaha guitars offers Europe's biggest selection, new guitar lab

The basement floor has been redesigned as a dedicated guitar area and now offers Europe's biggest selection of Yamaha guitars (approx. 170). The first of its kind at a Yamaha Group directly managed store, the new "The Guitar Lab" features full-time technicians who can assist with guitar set up and servicing. The floor is also home to leading models of Yamaha guitars, displays featuring vintage guitars, and more.

3. New booth with musical instruments, audio equipment, and cameras makes sharing on social media easier

The first of its kind at a Yamaha Group directly managed store, a new "content creation zone" on the basement floor offers a permanent in-store recording booth that supports both still photography and video to cater to the needs of customers who want to post photos and videos of themselves playing musical instruments on social media. Equipped with Yamaha musical instruments, audio equipment, and cameras, the booth helps customers share their musical experiences with the world.

4. Classical architecture with around 100 years of history make piano displays unforgettable

The first floor, which boasts hundred-year-old architecture, is home to a showroom with approximately thirty acoustic pianos. With its high ceilings and classical architecture that features the original walls and wooden floors, the showroom offers superb acoustics, perfect for experiencing the sounds of Yamaha and Bösendorfer pianos. With its pianos on display against a background of carved oak paneling and chandeliers, the photogenic showroom is a popular London destination, frequented by tourists and other visitors looking to take pictures, both for themselves and social media.

5. Introduced store check-in system using the "Yamaha Music ID" member's ID

As the first initiative of its kind within the Yamaha Group, the Yamaha Music London store allows registered members to check in at the door using their "Yamaha Music ID," a Yamaha Group multi-service member's ID. This helps support a richer musical presence in members' lives via special benefits, such as original gifts, music lessons, and more.

About Yamaha Music ID

【Renewal Reopening Special Event】

To celebrate the renewal and reopening of Yamaha Music London, the "Ginza x London Remote Live" remote live performance was held on Friday, October 6 in the piano showroom, in collaboration with the Yamaha Ginza Shop. Disklavier™ pianos at the venues were connected online using their automatic performance function and pianists in London and Ginza each gave a performance.

Store Information

Name Yamaha Music London
Location 152-160 Wardour Street Soho London
Access 6-min. walk from Tottenham Court Road underground station
Date of Reopen Thursday, October, 12, 2023
Floor Area Approx. 8,000 m² (85,000 square feet)
Operated by Yamaha Music Europe GmbH
Hours [Mon. to Fri.] 9:30 am - 6:00 pm, [Sat.] 10:00 am - 5:30 pm, [Sun. and Bank Holidays] 11:00 am - 5:00 pm


Piano, Digital Piano, Keyboard, Stage Piano, Synthesizer, Guitar, Bass, Effects, Amplification, Drum, Brass/Woodwind, Strings, Percussion, Music Production, Professional audio, Home cinema, Headphones, Earphones

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