In Collaboration with GRAMMY Award Nominee Porter Robinson

Yamaha Releases "Po-uta" Voicebank for VOCALOID™6

Available for Purchase from the Official VOCALOID SHOP from March 7

Yamaha Corporation announces the release of the "Po-uta" voicebank for VOCALOID6, based on vocals from world-renowned singer-songwriter and producer Porter Robinson. Starting from March 7, the new voicebank is available for purchase (download only) from the official VOCALOID SHOP ( The voicebank is also included in the "Plus Voicebank Set" for VOCALOID6, also available for purchase and download from the official shop.

[ Image ] Yamaha VOCALOID6 Voicebank Po-uta


Yamaha VOCALOID6 Voicebank Po-uta
Product Price (without tax) Release
Voicebank Po-uta $108 March 7
Plus Voicebank Set $311
  • Note: VOCALOID6 has four new VOCALOID:AI-compatible voices exclusive to VOCALOID6 (HARUKA, AKITO, SARAH, ALLEN) and four VOCALOID5 standard voices (Amy, Chris, Kaori, Ken).

Product Overview

Developed by Yamaha in 2003, VOCALOID singing voice synthesis technology and software creates vocals for songs using lyrics and melodies as input. Synthesizing different vocals is as simple as switching between voicebanks, which are generated from actual human voices. Released in October 2022, VOCALOID6 features the VOCALOID:AI synthesis engine, which uses artificial intelligence to synthesize more natural, richly expressive singing voices. VOCALOID songs created using VOCALOID technology have sparked a new generation of music, boasting countless fans and listeners around the world.

The newly released "Po-uta" voicebank for VOCALOID6 allows users to enjoy creating vocals from artist Porter Robinson, who was nominated for Best Dance Recording in the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards. The voicebank authentically reproduces the vocals used by Robinson in his own songs, which are known for their clarity and exquisite high range. This ensures a striking presence that won't be eclipsed, even by powerful music such as electronica. Using VOCALOID's "Style Presets" feature, users can also choose from thirteen singing style presets, approved by Robinson himself, to automatically adjust the vocal style, tone, and more. This makes it possible to recreate the vocals used in hits like "Shelter" or "Musician" with ease. The voicebank also supports new VOCALOID6 features, such as VOCALO CHANGER, which uses the creator's vocal data to replicate their own singing style as-is, and Multilingual, which makes it possible to sing lyrics in a mixture of fluent Japanese, English, and Chinese with a single voicebank.

VOCALOID6 Voicebank "Po-uta" Demo Song

Songwriter: Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson Official Website

[ Image ] Porter Robinson
Porter Robinson
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