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[Thumbnail] Arbhanuch Yuthavong

Arbhanuch YuthavongPiano Instructor, Yamaha Music Academy

“There is no right or wrong approach to music. I want everyone to confidently express their creativity.” 

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[Thumbnail] Atibhorn Songsapat

Atibhorn SongsapatYMC Chief Instructor, Yamaha Music Academy

“Music has no boundaries. It doesn’t restrict race, religion, gender, age, or appearance; therefore, just be yourself and convey your feelings freely.”

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[Thumbnail] Bing Chen

Bing ChenYamaha Music School Teacher

"Always keep your dream. Set your targets and overcome all difficulties with an optimistic attitude and diligence."

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[Thumbnail] Kakanang Wangcherdchuwong

Kakanang WangcherdchuwongElectone Instructor, Yamaha Music Academy

“I want to show that women who play music can be cool, and hope that it would inspire the next generations to come.”

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[Thumbnail] Lopeno Ovung Queah

Lopeno Ovung QueahMusic teacher, Artist

"Equal opportunity and support to make a career in music is vital to empowering more girls and women in the field of music."

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[Thumbnail] Tsai, Mei-Ling

Tsai, Mei-LingYamaha Electone Instructor

"I hope we can all learn to turn down the noise in our heart and mind, and just listen and enjoy music in its purity."

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[Thumbnail] Nattaporn Pakalong

Nattaporn PakalongViolin Chief Instructor, Yamaha Music Academy

“For violin, physique may have an effect on musical tone, but gender doesn’t. Music is unbounded, it is for everyone.”

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[Thumbnail] Nilofer

NiloferMusic teacher

"We must promote women artists and create their success stories for becoming an inspiration for the next generations."

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[Thumbnail] Pattera Sutanthavibul

Pattera SutanthavibulYamaha Music Academy Manager

“The most important thing is to carry on your passion and love of music no matter what gender you are.”

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[Thumbnail] Yang, Pi-Tzu

Yang, Pi-TzuPercussion player, Educator

"We are defined by freedom and equality."

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[Thumbnail] Tan Shi Bei

Tan Shi BeiYamaha Music School Teacher

"I believe women create music through the expression of our emotions."

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[Thumbnail] Ngo Hong Thao

Ngo Hong ThaoYamaha Music School Teacher

"Music is for all genders and everyone has the right to access and love music in their own way"

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[Thumbnail] Winnie (Chih Wei) Kuo

Winnie (Chih Wei) KuoYamaha Music School Teacher

"The moment that students achieved what a teacher expected is a miraculous feeling."

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[Thumbnail] Yukiko Koyama

Yukiko KoyamaYamaha Music School Teacher

"Music is something anyone can enjoy, regardless of age and gender."

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[Thumbnail] Ho, Yun-Yen

Ho, Yun-YenYamaha Electone Instructor

"Each and every musical note composed must be considered irreplaceable, only then will you find true meaning in your musical piece."

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[Thumbnail] Im Yuri

Im YuriSaxophonist and the head of Im Yuri Saxophone Academy

"I think women have a great emotional sensitivity they can deliver when 'expressing music'."

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