Product/Service Information Disclosure

The Yamaha Group conducts advertising and promotions that accurately convey the details of products and services to customers. At the same time, we strive to provide accurate information related to our products and services in accordance with laws and regulations. We have stated these principles in the Compliance Code of Conduct.

Furthermore, the Group provides and discloses safety information in a timely and appropriate manner to ensure that the products, services, and facilities it offers do not have an adverse impact on the lives, health, or assets of people.

To ensure appropriate disclosure of information on its products and services, labeling confirmation processes have been incorporated into quality management systems.
Instruction manuals, catalogues, websites, and other accessible mediums provide basic information on products and services, such as specifications, as well as information on the safe use of these offerings in order to educate customers on safe usage methods and prevent accidents. In addition, we provide safety awareness information about musical instruments in catalogs for school instruments and equipment.

Should a product defect or product- or service-related accident occur, the Company will notify the relevant authorities as legally required and promptly provide recall and other information necessary for ensuring customer safety in the appropriate manner. When such issues are deemed particularly serious or urgent, the Company will take the necessary steps to inform customers via the channels viewed as appropriated based on sales and usage trends. Such channels may include announcements via websites, press conferences, newspapers, specialized magazines, or social media or direct mailing or telephone calls.
In March 2020, the Company received reports regarding wireless guitar products of Line 6, Inc., launched in 2016 stating that, on rare occasions, irregular levels of heat would be generated when charging transmitters. To prevent the occurrence of this heat generation, a firmware update and information on a product recall were uploaded to this company’s website, and the appropriate measures were taken.

In fiscal 2020, seven incidents of legal violations regarding product labeling were detected (cases of insufficient/inaccurate labeling despite meeting regulation/certification standards). All of the incidents were handled appropriately. No penalties were imposed regarding these legal violations.
Product and service safety information regarding product defects can be found here.