Product Information Disclosure

  1. Structure of Information Disclosure
  2. Situation Regarding Incidents such as Product Defects
  3. Initiatives for Awareness of Safety
  4. Proper Product Labeling and Advertising
  5. Status on Violation of Laws and Regulations Regarding Labeling and Advertising

The Yamaha Group takes all possible measures to prevent any damage on the lives or physical well-being or the belongings of customers caused by products, services, facilities, etc. provided by the Group. In the unlikely event of an accident, the Group notifies relevant authorities according to the laws and regulations, undertakes a product recall for customer safety, and conducts proactive disclosure of information without delay.
The Group painstakingly convey information to customers using methods that range from information posted on the Company’s website to press releases, notification through newspapers and industry magazines, direct mail and telephone. The type of customer contact is determined by the level of gravity and urgency as well as the status of customer product use.

In fiscal 2017, a total of 27 cases were recorded as product accidents or defects within the Yamaha Group.
An accident involving a lock-in inside a wooden soundproof slide door occurred on July 2016, and a recall for inspection and repair of the product’s defective door was started in November. Since all of the customers to whom the product was delivered were listed and identified, individual customers were immediately contacted by direct mail or telephone for support.

The Yamaha Group provides information through media that is easy for customers to access such as instruction manuals, catalogues as well as its website to promote the safe use of its products, and works to enlighten people on safety to prevent accidents from occurring.
Yamaha posts information to promote safety on its catalogues for school-use musical instruments and devices, and also publishes individual product information on its website. In fiscal 2017, information regarding the safe use of musical instruments in general and soundproof rooms, were additionally published on our website.

The Yamaha Group conducts advertising and promotions that accurately convey the details of products and services to customers. At the same time, we strive to provide accurate information related to our products and services in accordance with laws and regulations. To achieve this, we have stipulated a Code of Conduct and are implementing it. Furthermore, the labeling is validated based on the quality management system.

In fiscal 2017, ten incidents of law or regulation violations regarding product labeling were detected (3 cases of incorrect regulation marking, 2 cases of insufficient labeling language, 1 case of unlabeled regulation marking, 2 cases of certificate clerical error, 1 case of nameplate attachment error, and 1 case of incorrect labeling of country-of-origin) All of the incidents were handled appropriately. No fines were imposed regarding these regulation violations.