Yamaha Design “Synapses” PSG/PJP series


JIDA Design Museum Selection※PJP-50R : GOOD DESIGN AWARD (2007)
※PJP-50R : JIDA Design Museum Selection (2006)

Intuitive, uniquely-styled microphones and speakers for Web conferencing.


With an integrated microphone and speakers, this speakerphone exemplifies the ceaseless progress of technology. Technology and design spur each other to new heights, giving rise to an entirely new form.


He movable microphone arm that allows the user to adjust the capture area features gold-capped hinges that ensure the durability of the movable section while accenting the boldness of the design.


Alter the position of the case to switch modes or to turn the microphone on and off – that’s all that is required to operate these intuitive devices.


Easy to carry and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the comfortably compact feel of these products makes them attractive gadgets to have on your desk, while the slightly moist feel of the protein coating is pleasant to the touch.


Exquisite forms honed from the most basic of geometric shapes. Concise, pure designs that offer multiple microphones and speakers placed at specific angles and distances from each other.

Isao Wada
Isao Wada
Wada Design

Controlling invisible sound with visible shapes.

Combining microphones and speakers in a single product, the speakerphone uses advanced acoustic technology to control both devices with precision; the technology itself hails from a field that is experiencing rapid ongoing innovation. To a degree, speakerphone design lags behind in its own technological development and in many cases does not progress until the technology itself is firmly established, sometimes to such a degree that the finished design ays completely different from the designer's original intent. Design and technology spur each other on in the epitome of a dynamic process of change, something not found in other areas of product design. The PJP-25UR, PJP-10UR, and PSG-01S are all compact devices intended for personal use, and have been designed less for meetings where each person speaks in turn than for "conversations" where everyone speaks freely.
I believe that in any conversation the intent is not just to convey meaning clearly, but also to communicate the feelings and circumstances of each participants. For this reason the PJP-25UR and PSG-1S reduce the mechanical operations required of the user to a bare minimum, utilizing designs that center on natural, physical gestures in their operation. The `PJP-25UR, for example, features microphone arms that users can rotate outwards like the wings of a ladybug to adjust the sound capture area. Meanwhile, the PJP-10UR microphone can be turned on and off by moving it from the vertical to the horizontal or vice versa. When placed horizontally it can be used as a speaker and in the vertical position functions as a speakerphone. Web-based voice communications systems such as Skype are now gaining a foothold not just in business but with consumers as well, and it was this interest that prompted us to create a way of controlling the “invisible” sound of this medium using visible shapes.

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