You Are Here

Milan Design Week 2023

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You can check the latest information on the official Yamaha Design social media pages during the period of the exhibition. The press kit page features multiple high-resolution images of each of the works on display.

Yamaha Corporation is a Japanese company that makes and sells a broad range of musical instruments and audio equipment. Through our businesses, we work to help people around the world lead rewarding, fulfilled lives.

Although music may not be absolutely essential to survival, we believe that it brings richness and color to one’s existence, and is thus indispensable to leading a fulfilled, truly human life. Musical instruments can sometimes be an extension of your body, and at times a cherished partner. We at the Yamaha Design Laboratory believe that there is a special intimacy to the presence of an instrument that makes it truly "with us," unlike the simple inanimate presence of other objects. For this exhibition, we have created furniture that makes life with musical instruments fun, crafting spaces for them in our daily lives and lowering the barrier to simply sitting down and playing, designs that bring them into our conversations and add music to our existences. The title of our exhibition, "You Are Here," symbolizes the value of being present.

In this era of uncertainty and tumultuous change, we believe that it is all the more important to feel the reality of a treasured presence. "You Are Here" is a voice for the times that reaffirms the value of being present, and at the same time, an expression of our joy in welcoming you here today.

Swing with me

This is a stand designed for humans to lean on and move their bodies in a swaying motion.

Tell me

A tall stand designed for metronomes.

Rock me on

This wooden horse-shaped instrument with bells makes sounds as you straddle it and rock your body.

Wake me up

This stand supports a saxophone by suspending it. When tilted, it becomes a stool for playing.

Lean on me

This stand supports a contrabass. It can also be used as a chair for playing.

Dress me up

These covers can be affixed to a drum set, including snare drum, cymbals, pedals, and stool. Drums can be played with the covers attached.

Hand me higher

This stand is for hanging a Pianica on the wall. You can even play it while it is hanging.


Capable of holding both violin and bow, this storage cellar embodies a love for this instrument.

Leave it to me

This is a stand on which a flute can be placed as if floating.

Look at me

This music stand is designed for contemporary sheet music.

Forget me not

This implement allows you to display your guitar strings after they have been removed from the instrument after being played.

*Details on each of the works are available in PDFs available in "Text Download" on the press kit page.

Title You Are Here
Dates April 18 (Tue.) to 23 (Sun.) 11am-7pm (local times) *until 6pm on final day
Venue BIANCHIZARDIN Contemporary Art (Via Pietro Maroncelli 14, 20154 Milan, Italy)
Entry fee Free

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