Yamaha Group Timber Procurement Policy

Fundamental Concepts

Forests and ecosystems are valuable shared social assets that should be passed on to future generations, and it is the responsibility of everyone living today to use these assets in a sustainable manner. Yamaha will procure all timber used in its products based on the following policy now and in future, in order to contribute to the creation of a more harmonious relationship between society and nature.

Procurement Policy

  • We will procure timber that has been legally logged and traded from clearly identifiable sources.
  • We will give priority to procuring timber that has undergone reliable forest certification.
  • We will obtain sufficient confirmation of the sustainability of any endangered tree species from which Yamaha obtains wood materials.
  • We will not procure timber derived from logging that destroys ecosystems, or from logging of High Conservation Value Forests.*
  • We will not procure genetically modified tree species.
  • We will confirm that our timber procurement practices do not have any adverse effects on local communities, such as violation of the rights of indigenous peoples that occur in the course of logging and trading.
  • We will work to transition to the procurement of wood-based materials that utilize substances such as planted wood and recycled wood, and therefore make efficient use of resources.
  • * High Conservation Value Forests: Forests of outstanding and critical importance due to their environmental, socio-economic, cultural, biodiversity and landscape value.

Formulated in 2007 and revised in July 2017