Corporate Website Renewal

Yamaha Corporation has today renewed its corporate website in both Japanese and English, aiming to convey our company's and group's information in a more understandable and insightful manner. With the goal of realizing Yamaha's mission to contribute to the “Well-Being of People around the World”, we have enhanced the content, redesigned the layout, and improved the ease of information retrieval to effectively communicate our philosophy and diverse activities for all stakeholders. Additionally, to ensure comfortable accessibility in any environment, we continue to prioritize accessibility* and responsive web design.

Renewal Overview

Improved Usability and Visibility:

We have adopted a new design featuring our corporate color, "Yamaha Violet," and implemented a global navigation bar at the top of each page to ensure swift access to desired information from anywhere across the site. Additionally, we have introduced local navigation at the bottom of each page, allowing smooth access to related areas.

Expanded Content:

We have established the "Philosophy & Vision" section, where we introduce the foundational principles underlying Yamaha’s ongoing endeavors beyond the realm of sound and music. Additionally, we have introduced the "Technology & Design" section to showcase our dedication to the latest research and design intricacies within the field of sound and music. Furthermore, we have introduced a "Stories" section to share our initiatives and aspirations toward solving societal challenges. Across other pages, we have unified the design and refined certain content to enhance understanding and deepen comprehension of Yamaha's activities.

“Philosophy & Vision” top page
“Technology & Design” top page
“Story” top page

Moving forward, we are committed to enhancing the content and accessibility of our website to provide valuable information to our stakeholders.