How to Play the Electric Guitar
There are many ways to play the electric bass

The electric bass is an instrument designed to allow the range of a double bass (contrabass) to be played like a guitar.There are even bass guitars without any metal frets on their fingerboards (fretless), designed to be played in a similar manner to how a double bass is played. However, unlike the double bass, these instruments are not played with a bow.
Electric bass guitars may be played three different ways: like an electric guitar with a pick, with the thumb and fingers of the right hand (i.e. finger picking), or "slapping" which results in a stronger attack and flashy sound.

Sound of open string

Example of pick playing

Example of finger picking

Example of sliding and playing chords

Thumping (playing with the thumb striking the guitar)

Thumping and popping (playing with the index finger plucking the strings)

String 4 on an electric bass may touch a fret and generate a metallic sound that is unlike the low tone of the bass. This can be caused by either of the following:

  1. String 4 is extremely low and it touches a fret.
  2. One of the frets on either side of string 4 has lifted up, and the string touches the fret.
  3. The neck is twisted in a convex "hump" shave, causing string 4 (which oscillates at a high rate) to touch a fret.

If this is a result of the string height as in (1) above, raising the bridge and slightly increasing the height of the string can help to alleviate the problem. Adjusting the height of the bridge can be done on your own. Simply use a small screwdriver or hex wrench to turn the screw supporting the bridge.
If the problem is caused by factors (2) or (3), you should bring the instrument in to the shop, as fixing the problem will require adjusting or reshaping the fret, or adjusting the neck.