How to Play the Celesta
Celestas are basically played like pianos

Celestas and glockenspiels both use the same action mechanism as a grand piano. This means that anyone who practices the piano should be able to play either of these instruments.
However, in order to skillfully reproduce the metallic and gentle timbre of the celesta, a player needs to make skillful use of the pedal to make the sound reverberate. Celesta pedals generally function in the same manner as piano pedals, but should be skillfully used in order to bring out the characteristic reverberation of the celesta.

The sound of a celesta is softer and more lingering than that of a glockenspiel, with a clear, beautiful quality. Different celestas have different ranges. Yamaha offers two celestas—a 53-key model and a 56-key model—which cover the range needed for most music in which celestas are used.

 Celesta range

Let's listen to a single phrase from Mozart's "The Magic Flute," as played by the same glockenspiel as used by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. This is a perfect example of the gorgeous timbre of the celesta, and it expertly conjures up a feeling of a spell being cast.


Glockenspiel: Mozart's "The Magic Flute"