Donations and Social Welfare Activities

  1. Promotion of Employee Volunteer Activities
  2. Regional Welfare and Disaster Relief Activities

The Yamaha Group promotes employee participation in volunteer activities. In addition to establishing various programs, we use the Company intranet and other means to share information on available volunteer opportunities while also publicizing examples of previous volunteer activities.

Voluntary Philanthropic Activities by Employees

Yamaha Corporation of America launched the Yamaha Cares employee voluntary philanthropic activity program in 2003. Yamaha Cares is aimed at contributing to the regions in which employees live and work by donations, collecting contributions, providing Yamaha products, and conducting other initiatives. One such activity is a donation drive benefitting a children's hospital researching the treatment of Type 1 juvenile diabetes. Every year, employees participate in the Southern California Half Marathon and solicit contributions, which have exceeded $110,000 in total. Yamaha Cares continues to support the hospital, which is one of the few institutions researching the treatment of juvenile diabetes.

Major Yamaha Cares Activities

  • Fundraising efforts for a children's hospital
  • Donations, including donations of Yamaha products, to after-school programs (run by United Sound, Inc.) providing musical performance experiences to children with development disorders
  • Participation in Making Strides Walk, an activity supported by the American Cancer Society
Employees raising funds through half marathon to be donated to Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)
Fundraising activities and Yamaha product donations to various organizations

Donation of Food from Disaster Stockpiles to Food Bank FUJINOKUNI

A charitable organization, food bank FUJINOKUNI seeks to help build a mutually supportive society. This organization has developed and runs a system for accepting donations of food that is safe to eat but would otherwise be discarded from companies, organizations, and individuals and equitably distributes this food to people who need it. The Yamaha Group fully supports the organization. At offices in Shizuoka Prefecture, the Yamaha Group stockpiles food to be distributed in the event of a disaster. Before the food is due to be replaced, the Yamaha Group donates it to the food bank. The scope of these donations is being expanded as offices in Tokyo and Osaka have begun donating food from disaster stockpiles to organizations such as food bank Saitama and food bank OSAKA.

Initiatives to Support Areas Impacted by Natural Disasters

The Yamaha Group implements initiatives for supporting the recovery of areas impacted by natural disasters in the domestic and overseas regions in which it has factories and other operating bases.
For the purpose of supporting the areas and people impacted by the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Yamaha Group has provided school musical instruments and other products through its sales agents, held a variety of charity concerts, and supported the activities of the School Music Revival. In addition, we have been holding charity concerts by the Yamaha Symphonic Band to promote recovery in the Tohoku region. Even now, a portion of the sales of CDs by this band is donated to the impacted areas through the Japanese Red Cross Society, and we continue to engage in other such activities to support the recovery effort.
Furthermore, we offer support for the recovery of areas impacted by disasters through special repair and other services for Yamaha products damaged by disasters available to customers impacted by disasters in regions applicable under the Disaster Relief Act.

Support Provided in Fiscal 2021

  • Kyushu floods: ¥30.0 million in donations, special repair and other services for Yamaha products damaged by disasters