Research and Development

Research and Development

Yamaha is carrying out research in a wide range of cutting-edge fields with technology and passion.

Yamaha’s research and development in cutting-edge fields can be divided into three main areas.

The first area is focused on “people.” What kinds of sounds do elicit an emotional response from people? What kinds of sounds are people making now all over the world? What kinds of playing methods do allow people to enjoy playing musical instruments? In this area, there are still many unknown factors. We will continue to ask such questions and explore universal experiences and value through daily discoveries, in order to develop a deeper understanding so that more people can enjoy music for a longer time.

The second area is “things” (products). In order to maximize performers’ potential and achieve products with the highest level of expressiveness, we are making improvements to technologies - such as computer simulation for the coupled analysis of multidiscipline and 3D sound radiation measurement technologies - for measuring sound and music elements that cannot be described in words. We are also focusing on the research and development of a variety of materials in this area. In order for our products to be environmentally friendly and to be able to accompany people for a long time, we are engaged in research and development with an awareness of the world and culture of the future regarding materials and conditions for creating beautiful sounds. By making improvements to these technologies, we hope to continue providing a variety of products into the future while contributing to the development of a sustainable world.

The third area is interaction between “people” and “things.” Musical instruments are products that create value when played by people. A better relationship between people and things will result in increased value, and therefore this is a very important area of research for us. An instrument that feels good in your hands, like an extension of your limbs, and that you can play true to the emotion in your heart is an instrument that you will treasure for life. We will further explore the wonderful relationship between people and things, and utilize our knowledge to provide products that many people have been waiting to discover. AI is very effective solution in this area. We are engaged in research and development in the field of cutting-edge music information retrieval to realize a world enriched with music in which AI sings and plays instruments together with people, so that an even greater number of people can enjoy sounds and music.

Yamaha places a high value on KANSEI (sensitivity) in proceeding with these researches.. We believe that only by making the most of the KANSEI of each engineer that is involved in our research and development will be able to create “technology” that will elicit an emotional response in many people. We will continue to take on the challenge of research and development in a variety of fields related to sound and music in order for “Sharing Passion & Performance” with people around the world.

masahiro ikeda
Yamaha is carrying out research in the three areas of “people,” “things,” and “interaction between people and things” to enrich the daily experiences of our customers. These three areas consist of the following cutting-edge fields: AI and machine learning, KANSEI (sensitivity), human interfaces, acoustic devices and materials, information and signal processing, and measurement and simulation.
Research Areas and Technological Fields