Aiming to Create a Society That Promotes the Well-Being of People Around the World

Message from the President

We at the Yamaha Group share our corporate philosophy, “Sharing Passion & Performance,” and contribute to the well-being of people around the world while focusing our business on sound and music. With our brand promise, “Make Waves,” we capture those special moments when our customers’ hearts tremble. This brand promise is our pledge to our customers that we are committed to further promoting manufacturing that values the customers’ perspective, an approach we have inherited and have followed since our foundation in 1887. In this way, we provide products and services that resonate with people.

Yamaha has established its management vision, “Becoming an Indispensable, Brilliantly Individual Company,” that can “Boost brand power to become a highly profitable enterprise” as its future image in the medium to long term. This vision embodies our aspirations to capture the heartfelt support of customers and become a brilliantly individual company by deeply understanding the needs of customers and society, pursuing authenticity, and proposing unique value.

In April 2022, we launched our three-year medium-term management plan, “Make Waves 2.0,” and are moving forward with efforts to enhance sustainable growth capability in the post-COVID new society. The impact of COVID-19 has dramatically changed people’s awareness and environment. Against this backdrop, people are now seeking not only material wealth but also authenticity and spiritual wealth. At the same time, the accelerating pace of digitalization is impacting people’s lifestyles, changing the way people enjoy sound and music as well as the way they communicate. In response to these changes in the world, we are determined to respond to the needs of society by making various changes based on our expertise and sensibilities, strengths that we have cultivated in our origins of sound and music.

We at Yamaha Group want to be a company that supports the challenges and passion of each and every one of our customers. We will continue to make every effort to be a company that can meet everyone’s expectations. We look forward to having a long-lasting relationship, and greatly appreciate your ongoing support.

October 2022

[ Image ] Takuya Nakata

Takuya Nakata

President and Representative Executive Officer
Yamaha Corporation