Three New Shows in the Super Surround Theater—
Performances from the Yamaha Symphonic Band Reproduced Using Yamaha's Unique "ViReal™" Three-dimensional Acoustic Technology


 From April 26, 2022, three new shows will be available in the Super Surround Theater.

The Super Surround Theater is a 108.6 channel theater featuring unique "ViReal™ *1" three-dimensional acoustic technology developed by Yamaha. With 28 speakers in the ceiling, 80 on the walls, and six subwoofers installed in the floor, the Super Surround Theater allows visitors to enjoy an amazing sound presence together with images on a 220° wide screen. Additionally, a Yamaha-unique "AFC Image (Advanced Field Control Image)*2" system controls the localization of the sound image as well as the reverberation within a space, delivering a realistic, immersive music experience.
 The shows being released feature three pieces performed by the Yamaha Symphonic Band, which comprises employees of Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Group companies, and include "The Little Man in the Woods," which is used in a commercial for Yamaha Music School. Visitors can enjoy a glitzy, glamorous performance from the Yamaha Symphonic Band, together with video and powerful 3D audio that enhance the experience.

*1 ViReal™: A Yamaha-unique comprehensive three-dimensional acoustic technology. In these shows, ViReal Mic and AFC Image, both of which capture the sound field and the sound source presence, are used separately to suit different situations, so that listeners can experience the ups, downs, distance, and resonance of the sound in a realistic, three-dimensional manner.
*2 AFC Image: A sound field control system that uses an object-based method developed by Yamaha to create an immersive sonic environment in any space.
*Shows (Pieces performed)
Performance  Yamaha Symphonic Band (Conductor: Shinpei Sasaki) 
Mickey Mouse March ~Introduction of band instruments~ (Composed by Jimmie Dodd, arranged by Mikio Goma) 
Well-known instruments appear one after the other, to the background of a lively, fun melody. We hope that you will enjoy the sounds of each. 
The Pines of the Appian Way from Symphonic Poem “Pines of Rome” (Composed by Ottorino Respighi, arranged by Eiji Suzuki)
This piece inspires the image of the Roman army emerging out of a misty dawn on the Appian Way in Rome, and then proudly proceeding under the light of the newly rising sun. We hope you will enjoy the dazzling performance from the Yamaha Symphonic Band, enhanced by the powerful visuals and enveloping sound. *Banda appearance cooperation: HAMAMATSU SEISEI HIGH SCHOOL Wind Orchestra
The Little Man in the Woods (German folk song, arranged by Itaru Sakai) *Used in a commercial for Yamaha Music School 
A familiar melody has become a symphonic band piece. In this performance, you can experience how things sound and how things look from both the audience seats and the stage. Enjoy watching from the audience one moment, and as a member of the Yamaha Symphonic Band the next!