Cefine NS AMDB25H

Soundproof Room AVITECS / 2015
[ Image ] Cefine NS AMDB25H

The Cefine NS is a soundproof room intended to both block sound, and to provide natural sound (to be a room in which the sound of musical instruments would reverberate naturally).
When a room is made airtight to improve its soundproof qualities, the reverberation inside the room increases, resulting in a space that is unsuitable for performing with a musical instrument. To resolve this issue, Yamaha sought to remove acoustic impediments to by reflected sound within the room, achieving sound reverberation even in a small space, and hope to allow the amount of reverberation to be adjusted to suit particular musical instruments or to user preferences.
To adjust the amount of reverberation, six sheets of sound absorbent material can be added or removed from the sound conditioning panels that come with the Cefine NS as standard. Additionally, optional sound conditional ceiling panels can also be added to create a more acoustically dead space in which reverberation has been suppressed further. Cefine NS comes in nine different sizes ranging from 1.3 to 7.1 m2 in size, with two kinds of sound insulation.