Yamaha Design “Synapses” AvantGrand N1X


A hybrid piano that condenses the experience of playing the grand piano into a compact form.


With a design that makes you feel as if you are playing a grand piano with minimal elements, the N1X features the characteristic curves and straight lines of the piano, reconfigured to express the richness of an acoustic piano.


The lines of the arms on both sides of the keyboard reflect upon the mirrored surface of the keyboard lid, highlighting a feeling of beauty worthy of a grand piano. In addition, the keyboard and fingers are reflected at the same angle as with a grand piano, creating the same kind of performance space as when playing a grand piano.


By adding a gentle curve at the back of both side boards, we created a shape in which the spacious and unconstrained depth of the grand piano could be sensed with minimum size. This represents a different approach to that taken with the higher-end model N3X to expressing the feel of a grand piano.


With a large space around the feet and a sense of mass at the top of the body, the N1X gives players a sense that they are facing a grand piano. We combine that with a delicate keyboard touch to provide a genuine playing experience from every angle.

Yurii Kasao
Yurii Kasao
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Masaharu Ono
Masaharu Ono
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Not just an imitation, but a thorough expression of what makes a piano a piano.

Equipped with the same kind of action exclusive to grand pianos, the AvantGrand series of hybrid pianos has achieved even more progress by combining craftsmanship with the cutting-edge electronic technology cultivated through many years crafting pianos.
In this instrument we aspired to a compact size that takes advantage of digital sound while preserving the experience of playing the grand piano. The flagship model N3X daringly shows off its speakers and embodies the functional beauty of the grand piano, a beauty that does not hide its sound production structure.
While the N1X continues to take on the challenge of its predecessor the N1 to remain affordable and provide more customers with the experience of playing a grand piano, a number of new elements are incorporated that greatly improve the satisfaction offered by the appearance and sensations that come with performing, such as the shape of the arms reflected on the mirrored surface, and the curve of the sides that creates a grand piano’s visual sense of depth.
Of particular importance was how to express the essence of a grand piano, such as that of the N3X. The N1X can be called a model that focuses on the necessary elements for a minimal expression while centering on just what it is that makes a grand piano a grand piano and not merely an imitation.
Although this model has stressed practicality in order to achieve its price, it allows players to feel the experience of playing a grand piano across their senses, such as its texture and appearance as well as its inherent sound quality and touch.
Our hope is for players to lose track of time and be absorbed in playing, immersing themselves in the sensation of performing on a stage as they play. We have brought our craftsmanship to bear on both product performance and appearance to make that possible, and would be delighted for all players to play to their hearts’ content.

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