Yamaha Design “Synapses” THR Head/Cabinet


From Your Room to the Stage.


The THR's presence delivers depth to your musical lifestyle that goes beyond adding one more attractive instrument. It contributes to a cool vintage ambiance and a richness over and above what you might expect from just an amp.


Characteristic THR elements are found throughout the design, including the metal exterior of the head, as well as the handles, colors, and rounded corners. Added to this are the intentionally THR-esque raised relief emblem, herringbone patterned handles, and material used on the new cabinet.


The body is compact enough to be portable, yet strong enough to ensure durability. Press the power switch, and the internal illumination lights up the panel for easy visual access to the controls on stage, while the stylish glow stokes guitarists’ inspiration.


The foot switch has been given a design that fits in well with the THR Head, while we have also made it sturdy and compact so that your foot space remains uncluttered. Like the controls and knobs on the head, the foot switch is easy to use and gives you visceral feedback with each click.

Toshihide Suzuki
Toshihide Suzuki
Yamaha Design Laboratory

The right tool for the right time and place.

The concept behind the THR Head was to create an easy-to-use and easy-to-carry "head amp that fully considers the features needed for stage performances." The THR combines cutting-edge digital technology, together with a host of intuitive analog features, in an interface that is simple to operate. Single- and dual-amp versions are available, and we developed the product to include a speaker cabinet and foot switch, so that players can have total command of diverse sounds.
Along with our central concept for the THR, we designed the product with an eye toward making it "a device that raises the excitement of guitarists." Our image for the THR follows a vintage look. The body has big round corners combined with metal handles. The panel features straightforward knobs and control switches with a crisp, tight feel, while the panel illumination is reminiscent of vacuum tubes. Added to this is an emphasis on the solid geometry of the cabinet, plus a more prominent tuning fork emblem and special handles. We paid extra attention to the small details of the foot switch so that it fits in perfectly as part of the cabinet. The dedicated THR HD_H Utility editor for your PC gives you a GUI format that lets you feel as if you are operating the actual equipment. This, along with the hidden insignia inside the grill, adds enjoyable, playful elements to the overall design of the THR Head as a whole.
The metal used for the external design will take on its own unique style with age, while the general appearance of the amp will make your room feel as if it really were an authentic music studio.

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