Yamaha Design “Synapses” RIVAGE PM10


The Next Standard in Digital Mixers, In Response to Pro Engineer Needs.


Yamaha's legendary SELECTED CHANNEL concept provides an array of controls and meters for control of a single sound channel, with the shape, pitch, color and luster of these controls carefully chosen to avoid interfering with the operations and visibility of the mixer's functions. One example of this design philosophy can be seen in the matching of the chrome plating used on the knobs with the horseshoe-shaped ring LED.


With a form specifically designed to provide continuity of mixing functions and to keep all controls within easy reach, the RIVAGE PM10 is a study in usability, ensuring that sound engineers have good forward visibility, and featuring a wooden front pad that brings an elegant warmth to the entire unit.


The exterior of the RIVAGE PM10 has been designed to provide optimal balance between the body coating and the printed letters on its surface, and in the contrast between the colors and gloss of the controls. These aspects of the design have been carefully tuned to prevent the use of the wrong functions or controls in live performance situations where colored spotlights might otherwise affect visibility.


The elaborate operations panel and dynamic yet solid body of the RIVAGE PM10 provide a unique combination of reliability and style at live sound venues where both volume and tension run high.

Masafumi Ito
Masafumi Ito
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Our Flagship Digital Mixer: Aiming Towards the Standard of the Next Generation.

Intended to replace the PM1D, the RIVAGE PM10 is our flagship console, which we hope will promote the uptake of digital live performance consoles around the world.
The key phrase behind the design of the PM10 is “Innovative design for Next Standard.” Featuring a panel on which information is divided into a small number of groups to afford the user an intuitive understanding of the huge number of controls and their functions, the PM10 utilizes graphic design to express the relationship between each group as well as the individual functions of controls. The basic form of this console is built around a three-dimensional layout that takes into account to the organization and embodiment of the controls, allowing them to be used rapidly and without mistakes. Sound engineers told us that while functionality is the most important aspect of a professional tool, they also want the consoles they use to look good in performance venues. In response we have crafted a design that offers a high level of functionality and an attractive appearance. For example, our design altered the shape of the LED rings around the rotating knobs from a circular to a horseshoe shape, giving due consideration to simplicity and elegance of design in order to achieve a more compact control group layout and improve the visibility of the LED rings from different positions. Cohesiveness of the various controls is crucial, as is their ease of use as a group. The horizontal surfaces of the fader knobs and the sloping surface of the large LCD come together at a smooth angle, connecting seamlessly to contribute to the continuity of the mixing functions—a form factor seen throughout the entire console. The side aspect in particular has been nicknamed the "shark fin silhouette," and has become a characteristic of Yamaha mixers, with the angle and depth modified to provide optimum operations on each model. The RIVAGE PM10 is a fusion of the old and the new, continuing the use of the traditional wooden front pad in combination with the innovative developments mentioned above.
With the RIVAGE PM10, our hope is that sound engineers will be able to mix at live venues with even greater comfort, offering spectacular live music that enthralls the audience.

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