Yamaha Design “Synapses” inpresX Classic

2010 / GOLF CLUB

A High-Quality Golf Glub for Senior Players.


The inpres concept focuses on horns and on the rear of the head, with a design that presents a visage of tough reliability. Combining the strength symbolized by the rear of the head with sharp horns that transform that power into aggression, the resulting club is a true partner for those who play to win.


The subtle molding and harmony of five different shades of black (including black ion plating) give inpres clubs a deep, powerful visage.


The superb sound at the instant when the club meets the ball is pure elation to any golfer. Relying on feedback from advanced acoustic analysis, we made delicate adjustments to the shape of the club to achieve a clear sound that rings true to a golfer’s senses.


With a genuinely sweet feel at impact, the forged soft-iron bodies of the irons feature a low center of gravity for flexibility and a bifurcated heel-side that expands the sweet spot, making these clubs both functional and beautiful.


While the attractive faces of inpres clubs speak to their unique personalities, the series as a whole carries with it a feeling of completeness and harmony. These aspects add up to a composure and texture that heightens the senses of any player who holds one.

Masafumi Ito
Masafumi Ito
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Design Theme – Power and Aggression.

The inpresX Classic is a new brand under the inpres marque, a series that has been extremely well received by intermediate and advanced-level golfers. Designed for self-assured mature golfers who possess strong preferences for golf and everything else in life, this high-grade series’ focus is on both design and functionality. With the inpresX Classic, I maintained with the inpres series design theme of two "horns" notched into the sole of the club, but wanted to add individuality that would be unique to the Classic. What I hit upon was the muscle that supports these horns - in bullfighting this would be the tough, and heavy lower body that pushes the sharp horns to the fore. Playing sports over the past few years, I have also experienced the loss in physical power and movement that comes with age, which prompted me to create a club that offers both physical and technical support on these fronts. The relationship between the lower body and the horns was an inspiration that met my intentions perfectly, and possesses the strength to carry the entire series. There is a clear duality to the leading-edge style and empowering spontaneity so evident in the inpresX Classic, and I sincerely believe that this works together admirably within the design. When I began casually drawing the three-dimensional concept sketches for the shape of the club head my head was full of images, and I ended up carving a full-scale model by hand, with the inpresX Classic actually coming into being as I gradually assessed its shape.
We matched this form with a bold, high-quality black finish, and were able to create a design that I believe is perfectly suited to the inpres concept.

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