Yamaha Design “Synapses” YSP-4100


A digital sound projector with realistic surround sound,
designed to create a fresh synergy with flat-screen televisions.


Made to complement flat-screen TVs, transformed into a shape that takes slimness to a whole new level. We focused at the elements needed to create a restrainedモ design that would not be too assertive a presence in a living space, and reconstructed them into a simple form.


Even with its all-black finish, we were able to emphasize the various design elements of the YSP-4100 by varying between matt, gloss, and cross hatched metal textures, giving it a refined, solid presence.


The YSP-4100 features an all-black finish to bring synergy to its relationship with the TV. With a shape comprised of a minimum of elements, the tension of the broad surfaces and taut edges gives it a futuristic silhouette.


From the front, the YSP-4100 has a simple rectangular form, featuring only the speakers and panel, and giving a restrained, elegant presence well-suited to a stylish living space.

Takashi Honda
Takashi Honda
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Harmonizing with a stylish living space; the search for less presence.

The YSP Digital Sound Projector series are innovative speaker systems that offer realistic 7.1 channel surround sound reproduction from a single speaker body. Users have applauded their ability to provide high quality surround sound without the need to for multiple speakers. The YSP4000, the previous flagship model of the YSP series, served as the prototype for these advanced functions, possessing its own identity and presence. In the YSP4100 however, we were aiming for less presence, something that would draw less attention, and instead retain a light, restrained presence. When working on the design concept, we investigated the ways in which users of previous YSP models had installed them in their rooms. In many cases it was apparent that these users loved the product functions, but had difficulty finding an appropriate place for installation.
Additionally, in recent years people have shown a rapidly increasing awareness of their living space and are now less willing to purchase products that are difficult to install or do not blend well with the interiors of their homes, even if the product itself offers superb performance.
For the YSP4100, less presence "meant a presence able to harmonize with a stylish, refined living space. An aggressively slim design," All-black coloring, "A simple, two piece construction,".... were not specific goals in the direction of our design, but rather the methods we used to give the new YSP design less presence.

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