Yamaha Design “Synapses” AVENTAGE RX-A8A


AV Receiver reborn as something revolutionary.


The AVENTAGE AV receiver has been redesigned for the first time in a decade. We’ve reworked the front panel, an area typically thought to be adorned by many controls, and revised the functionality, leading up to a much simpler, refined design and a new level of usability.


The symbolically large volume knob on the AVENTAGE conveys our absolute confidence in the quality of sound and this receiver’s overwhelming expressive capabilities, and represents the product’s delicate feel in a way that you can touch with your fingers, much like an acoustic instrument.


Although the design and usability have been simplified to the greatest extent on this updated product, the advanced level of functionality found on the original AVENTAGE along with its high level of audio quality specifications remain the same. Further, the new AVENTAGE Series embodies, the True Sound concept of bringing you closer to the artists, a goal echoed in the RX-V Series, which is designed to let you listen in a more casual fashion.


We’ve designed this product in a high-quality black color that harmonizes well with the space in which it is used—a color appropriate for the ultimate in electronics gear. No matter which angle you view this product from, the no-compromise design exhibits a painstaking attention to detail and sense of presence that is sure to draw your attention.

Sunao Okamura
Sunao Okamura
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Giving form to the ultimate in electronics.

As a global leader in AV receivers, Yamaha has now updated the AVENTAGE AV receiver for the first time in a decade. This AV receiver is the next-generation offering from Yamaha, a company that has continued to bring new experiences in audio to the world since 1986.

The design keywords upon which the new AVENTAGE are based are “sensitivity,” “revolutionary” and “ultimate.” On traditional AV receivers, the aluminum front panel and numerous switches are a design that appeals to rationality, expressing advanced performance and functionality. In contrast, the design of this new product features a design that appeals to sensitivity, with a large center knob and a buttonless appearance sporting a characteristically beautiful polished black finish, throughout all of which we paid exquisite attention to tactile detail. This new design is not purely a revolution in styling. Rather, this is an expression of revolutionary change in the way that people relate to devices, brought about by a shift in the meaning behind operating an AV receiver that was made possible by the evolution of functions such as SURROUND:AI. The AVENTAGE is the ultimate in electronics from Yamaha, and could be called the crystallization of not only sound quality but of reality in the stereo sound field and in sonic presence. What’s more, this is the ultimate in design that embodies “TrueSound,” a concept that expresses the very intent behind the musical performers and film producers themselves.

Behind this bold renewal is our “360º Design” concept, which adopts the methods we have used to design musical instruments for many long years, as well as our special insistence on the texture offered by the color black. This preference for the viewpoint of musical instrument design, which assumes that the design will be seen from all angles, is apparent in the top and bottom surfaces of this product, aspects to which we had not previously given importance; this new viewpoint brings about a presence and harmony with the living spaces of those who use the product. Further, to offer an atmosphere appropriate for the ultimate in electronics, the AVENTAGE features a polished black finish unlike that of the aluminum used to evoke advanced performance or the piano black color that signifies craftsmanship; this product is indeed “the AV receiver that’s as black as the deepest night.”

A passage from Yamaha’s design philosophy talks about how people come to believe that they’ve found “the essence” when they encounter the idea that something looks a little eccentric at first glance, but turns out to be quite reasonable once they think about it. With this apparently non-conformist AV receiver design, we have revisited what we have thought to be the unquestionable truth, taking a hard look at the essence of sound quality and usability to offer an AV receiver that sets the bar for a new generation.

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