Yamaha Design “Synapses” MusicCast 50 / 20


Wireless streaming speakers compatible with MusicCast®.


We opted for a simple, elliptical cylindrical design that elicits the feel that the sound is diffused in all directions, and that blends in with the many indoor locations in which users will place the speakers.


The upper edge creates a gentle feel, and is functional with touch panel operation. The plaster-like matte texture is visually appealing, and ensures the user that their fingers will stay where they intend for them to land.


The gently curved housing absorbs light to create beautiful shading. The mirrored finish of the tabletop unit reflects the surroundings much like a pond enclosed by a gently rising edge, and creates a new type of scenery for living spaces.


Even when several speakers are used to create a stereo effect, they do not boastfully announce their presence; rather, they create a rhythm in combination with flower vases, fruit bowls and other elements of interior design to achieve harmony within living spaces.

Masaharu Ono
Masaharu Ono
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Interior audio that blends in and creates harmony within living spaces.

20/50 MusicCast 20/50 speakers have evolved from the WX series of desktop audio products to be reborn as a member of the series of MusicCast® compatible products. They can be used as surround speakers, and wirelessly connected to other audio devices for a wide range of other purposes.
These speakers are extremely versatile, and can be placed in any location. To that end, we opted for a subdued, neutral design that can blend in with any environment. But this does not mean that the speakers are plain—we employed several creative solutions to give them a visually appealing presence. The tabletop unit and the gently rising edge that encircles it are perfect examples of those solutions. The tabletop unit features a mirrored finish reminiscent of a piano—the symbol of Yamaha’s high-quality sound—and creates a sense of unity with other audio equipment. The mirrored surface sits below the matte-textured edge that encloses it, and reflects the surroundings much like the glassy surface of water.
The point is not to look directly at a beautiful object, but to notice the beauty of what it reflects. I like photography, so I am struck by the dramatic impression of the sky reflecting off the surface of a river or pond. Or like the garden of Shisen-do, a Buddhist temple in Kyoto, I wanted to use a frame to cut off and define the scenery, which adds to the beauty.
The glassy water reflection effect and the beautiful shading produced through the absorption of light by the gently rounded shape create distinct scenery and allow the evening sun to play on the surface for a different look. I hope that these features help users enjoy the fluidity of the scenery and experience the transient emotions of everyday life.
Another creative solution is the elliptical cylindrical shape, which does not limit where the speakers can be placed as conventional angular shapes do. Whether placed next to a fruit bowl in the kitchen, or next to a flower vase or lamp in the living room, the speakers blend naturally with interior designs to create harmony within living spaces.
The fact that the appearance of the speakers depends on their location and the angle of light gives users the freedom to find creative ways to enjoy the views. I hope the speakers provide beautiful views and sounds wherever users put them, and help people to enjoy lives full of quality sound.

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