Yamaha Design “Synapses” Recording Custom

2016 / DRUM SETS

The time-tested model that is the quintessential Yamaha drum.


By refining what is perhaps the sine qua non of the Recording Custom, the high-tension lug, the tight tone of this renowned kit has been improved even further.


The new recording custom is available with four different coatings, and as the name "Custom" implies, you are free to combine any number of snares, toms, and bass drums to in the configuration of your drum kit. The abundance of color options will stimulate your desire for self-expression.


Each component part of a drum kit has a distinctive individuality. The linking together of these many individual expressions of structural beauty transforms this kit into a refined presence.


Live performances are enhanced by the high-tension lugs—which are designed to withstand extreme vertical tension—and by the new exterior design, in which the logo badge shines just as brightly as your performance.

Toshihide Suzuki
Toshihide Suzuki
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Risa Komuro
Risa Komuro
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Additional new elements, retaining the feel of the original kit.

2017 will mark the 50th year since Yamaha began production of acoustic drums. Released in 1979, the YD9000R has proven to be a particularly prized model during this half century. With a superior, controllable tone, and a sound that is easily picked up by microphones, this kit has earned acclaim from top drummers around the world. The YD9000R became phenomenally popular for live use, as well as for studio recordings. In the 1980s the name of the kit was changed to the "Recording Custom," which retains its strong presence in the music world.
The re-released Recording Custom, updated for today's drummers following a stretch during which the model was not sold, is finally available for customers who have long awaited its return. Symbolic of this kit are the high-tension lugs—which are constructed as one-piece parts—that secure the drum heads to their shells with high tensile strength. The design of this updated model, which has been long in the making, began with refinements to these lugs, which could be said to be the source of the kit’s sound. Even from afar, the shape of one of the lugs makes it obvious that it is the iconic part from the Recording Custom. Up close, however, the size of these lugs has been increased and bold lines added along the edges in a form that feels new but also retains a quintessential Yamaha aspect, all the while leaving the essential nature of the part unchanged. The parts connected to the lug at the top and bottom express a forcefulness through the addition of sharp shapes that make them almost appear to have spines. Another feature of these shapes is shining light on them produces beautiful shadows.
Yet another area where that has been subject to significant change is in the design of the logo badge. We took the form of the badge used throughout Yamaha's current lineup of drums and added the black horizontal band that has long been associated with the Recording Custom. This, too, represents a fusion of the spirit of the Recording Custom—which has been built up over many years—and the spirit of all that is today's Yamaha.
The Recording Custom, the distilled essence of Yamaha's technology and tradition, possesses a magnificent harmony of structural beauty among its various parts. This kit conveys an impression of elegance, and is a partner you can rely on to broaden your range of expression in the studio and on stage during live performances.

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