Yamaha Design “Synapses” ISX-80/ISX-18D


An audio unit that blends with your room’s interior design like a photo frame.
The ISX-18D is DAB compatible, and is sold as the ISX-18 in non-DAB compatible countries.


The ISX-80 uses black and white with purple highlights to match the key colors of your interior, and delivers a high level of owner satisfaction.


The texture of the aluminum frame with its slightly protruding speaker grille evokes a high-quality interior, yet with an unobtrusive presence for an audio device.


We've kept the ISX-80 as thin as possible and beveled the sides towards the back, giving the unit a clean silhouette that makes it stand out like a refined photo frame.


The ISX-80 is like a piece of artwork that decorates your room. Its sophisticated appearance and harmonious design blend with a range of living spaces, improving the esthetics of any room.

Kazuya Washio
Kazuya Washio
Yamaha Design Laboratory

The new Restio: designed with special attention to product texture.

The Restio ISX-80 and ISX-18D are the newest models following the Restio ISX-800 stand-type interior wall-placed audio device, which was announced in 2011. Themed around the same concept as the previous model, they feature a wall-mounted design that makes you forget that they are speakers—speakers that blends well with and adds color to a living space. In addition, these two models have been designed around the motif of a photo frame that can be placed on a shelf. With streaming music becoming a predominant method of enjoying music in today’s world, they have, in lieu of a CD player, a network connection to stream music from MusicCast and other services.
In the area of design, we've put particular effort into the texture of the speaker grille. The Restio series has used layers of expanded metal and non-woven fabric since the release of the ISX-800. For the ISX-80 and ISX-18D, we gave the printed pattern of the non-woven fabric a random sequence instead of using stripes, because we felt it would create a more three-dimensional look. By investigating and drawing different patterns in detail we were able to create the feel of handwoven fabric, improving the appearance of room interiors. We gave special attention to the finish of the square aluminum frame around the speaker unit to ensure that it would be well received in the European market, where our customers appreciate elegant products that give a weighty impression like the "real thing".
We wanted our customers to enjoy music with the ISX-80 and ISX-18D—not just as excellent audio devices, but as objects that add discreet color to one's living space.

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