Yamaha Design “Synapses” WX-030


Streaming Speakers that Give Form to MusicCast.
*Not available in some regions.


The design is simple—not looking obviously like an audio device and not adding any gaudiness to the interior space. We sought to create a design that can be appreciated from any angle.


The displays are minimalist—a clean interface. The smooth patterns of movement among the three LEDs give an impression of intelligence.


MusicCast is a network audio system tailored to the streaming era. Multiple speakers can be manipulated at once from the dedicated control app.


The device blends into any location in the house and plays audio. This subtle presence is compatible with the lifestyles of our customers, and we expect that it will be used in a wide variety of ways.

Akie Hinokio
Akie Hinokio
Yamaha Design Laboratory

A New Form of Network-Connected Speaker.

The WX-030 is a streaming speaker equipped with MusicCast, Yamaha's new network audio system. MusicCast is a system that networks together compatible audio devices set up in different rooms throughout the user's living space, giving the user total freedom to play both cloud-based audio and audio from media accessible by audio devices in any room. The system allows different songs to be played in different rooms, but the user can choose to have all devices play the same song simultaneously or to stream a song from one room to another.
The WX-030 is controlled with a dedicated app downloaded to the user's smartphone.
In essence, MusicCast is purely an Internet-based content-delivery service, so I think of the WX-030 as an outward-facing layer for outputting audio according to the user's commands. Therefore, with the design, I strove to create something neutral and not overly unique—while also allowing the user to sense the intelligence that went into the design. I made the speaker's form such that it is the perfect size for placing anywhere, carrying around, or mounting on the wall. By offering the two simple but elegant colors of black and white—which, among other benefits, each express a different mood through the speaker's surface—we have made it easy to make the speaker blend in with any location and on any occasion. We also paid careful attention to the number and locations of the screws, the cover on the back of the speaker, and the unit's legs, devising ways for all these components to contribute to the aesthetics of the device.
The dedicated MusicCast app will continue to be updated and features added. The addition of the smartphone app allows users to customize their audio experience to their preferences, and I believe that, as users continue to use the WX-030, progressive upgrades to the app and the ways in which users employ the speaker will give the device its own personality. I am thrilled by the idea that users will be able to enjoy their lives with several speakers placed throughout their homes so that there is always a song right next to them and their living spaces are filled with music.

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