Yamaha Design “Synapses” inpres RMX bag & accessories


Accessories for the inpres RMX golf clubs.


Bring a bag like this to a tournament and everyone will know that you mean business. With a bag like the ones the pros carry, every player will feel a little boost.


The bag is balanced to show the logo in its best light even when being carried on the shoulder, and has good visibility even from far away. This gives it an appearance that conveys the fearlessness of a top pro and the toughness to handle the rigors of walking through a pro tour.


Golf is a sport where you can’t rely on anyone but yourself. Having a complete set of accessories with a consistent, aggressive design—bag, head covers, gloves, cap—gives the player that extra mental edge.


The Inpres RMX support vehicle, which is part of the pro tour, is a base of operations that brings player and staff together as a team. Inside is a workshop for club maintenance, and space where pros can take a moment to relax.

Nobumasa Tanaka
Nobumasa Tanaka
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Daisuke Saito
Daisuke Saito
Yamaha Design Laboratory

A design that psychs you up.

A top pro asked us for a caddy bag with a design that “psychs me up and the moment I pick it up, I feel like ‘everything is in order, all I have to do is play.’” The world of professional sports is a world of fiercely contested wins and losses. For a player contemplating the tournament ahead, changing tools is not an option. Their functionality and performance are obviously critical factors for success, but beyond that, the player can connect with them on an emotional level through their design, which can give an added mental boost.
At Yamaha Golf, design doesn’t end with the clubs; we have a design concept that is consistent through our bags, head covers, caps, gloves, even the support vehicle that goes out on tours. A unified design across different genres of products—accessories, apparel, the support vehicle—reinforces the fact that we are part of a team and are responsible to it. And the way we convey that through design at Yamaha Golf is a big advantage.
One of the aspects of golf-tool design that I most enjoy is that I get to make presentations directly to top golf pros as a designer. The world of pro sports is a ferociously competitive arena in a way that you would never know from watching television, but being able to connect personally with pro golfers in that environment helps me understand on a visceral level what they need in terms of design. I also get to see how their tools support them in competition in tournaments. And as a designer, that is a thrill like no other.

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