Yamaha Design “Synapses” TSX 70/80


Desktop audio with an idiosyncratic appearance and
carefully chosen color.


The semi-transparent front panel comes in three colors, representing morning, noon, and night. The light that filters through the panel offers a calm, amiable ambience while the three knobs on the front surface feature a dichromatic plastic that utilizes half-transparent material surfaces to good effect.


A restrained hardware presence that merges nicely with its surroundings. Harmonizing with the light, sound, and tactility of a room, the TSX has an easy-going appearance that fits comfortably with any space.


With a simple yet unique form, the TSX-70 comes in three different colors and textures thanks to the special powder coating used for coloration, a quality that is sure to endear it to owners.


We set out to make the TSX-70 easy to use even without a manual, conducting numerous tests of actual switch layouts and numbers before deciding on its simple design. We even gave the TSX-70 the ability to guide users through a procedure through illuminated switches.

Kao Nimura
Kao Nimura
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Colors and Textures that Resonate with the Objects in Your Room.

During the initial stages of designing the TSX70/80, three female designers spent one week living and working together on this project in Tokyo. They toured around places like Aoyama and Akihabara and discussed their notes when they returned, a process they repeated over and over. These designers then took the mass of information they had collected to create a color image board containing all the colors they had encountered in their survey, and investigated what colors and textures people welcomed in their everyday lives. We conducted this study because we thought that “private” audio devices like the TSX should harmonize with the atmosphere of a room, and blend in with the items and interior of living spaces. Familiar colors and textures and a simple form were therefore key in giving shape to this “gentle” presence.
The TSX-70 and TSX-80 each have their own distinct characters. The top and sides of the TSX-70 feature curved, powder-coated metal, giving it a boyish, gadget-style air. The TSX-80 is a more elegant model with soft colors and curving lines inspired by the waste of a violin.
Unique coating techniques have been used to add undulation to the surfaces of the TSX-70, with each of its available three colors possessing its own characteristic feel.
Conversely, the TSX80 is neither smooth nor rough, employing a textured surface that is pleasant to the touch with three colors of its own to choose from, each with knobs chosen to match, reflecting the designers café in selecting elegant, soft colors and textures for even the subtlest of areas.

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