Yamaha Design “Synapses” YHT-S400


A home theater sound system with simple, bar-type, thin speakers, and an amp with built-in sub woofer, designed to match all flat-screen televisions.


A refined simplicity blending naturally with various flat-screen television designs. Understated, yet delivering great audio quality with minimalist styling and sophistication.


The elements which make up a home theater system have been rebuilt, with the sub-woofer housed inside the power amp. The design integrates two different elements into a single unit.


Straightforward and easy for everyone in the family to learn how to use. All you have to do is place the unit on a surface in front of the television, which means that it can be installed easily and moved freely.


Whilst the rugged front panel and rounded, compact shape at the back have a universal, timeless appeal, the unit also succeeds in looking like a speaker should.

Stephan Hauser
Stephan Hauser
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Designed for the ears, not for the eyes.

The YHT-S400 is a home theater surround sound system developed to complement any flat-screen television. Our primary inspiration when designing this model was the concept of designing for the ears, not for the eyes.
Any home theater area includes a TV monitor and other components, as well as interior design elements such as sofas. I felt that to maintain the harmony between these facets, we had to refrain from giving speakers too assertive a design identity. As the visual element, TV monitors should take precedence in a home theater, with speakers being assigned a more humble role.
Although unobtrusive, the YHT-S400 is a design for the ears, and we have furnished it with a variety of details that establish its identity as an audio device. The simple design of the speaker's front profile allows for an unobstructed view of the television screen, while the hatched metal cross sections and rounded back give it the appearance of a true Hi-Fi audio component. However, this product is not intended for enthusiasts in high-end audio, but rather for relaxing while watching your favorite movies at home. That is why I wanted it to have a friendly, accessible character.

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