Yamaha Design “Synapses” MODUS R01


A simple, beautiful piano with the aesthetics of a modern piece of furniture.


A cool, simple silhouette like that of a table. The four legs have been pared down to the minimum and rounded on the inside surfaces for an air of grace.


A unique white coating gives this piano a texture and humidity similar to that of human skin, making this a personal instrument that is appealing to the performer. Its black keys and LEDS subtly visible through the slightly transparent keyboard cover offer a beautiful contrast with its acrylic texture.


Like a favorite piece of furniture capable of expressing your own individuality, the elegant design and modern aesthetic of this piano insists on its identity as an instrument.


Opening the keyboard 180 degrees reveals unrestricted space where the pianist can play. This is a place for you and you alone, where you can enjoy a relaxed, laid-back performance.

Kao Nimura
Kao Nimura
Yamaha Design Laboratory

A piano to share quality time with.

"I want something simple and high-quality that suits me the way it is, not something that just follows the latest trend…" "I place a lot of importance on my senses and spirit, on time for relaxation and on the value of my feelings…" "I don’t want a piano for lessons and recitals, I want a piano that I can keep close by…" "I want a piano that lets me heal through playing, one that brings out some of my hidden energy…"
Yamaha offers the MODUS R01 to people like these.
To sum it up in one phrase, "a piano just for you." We believe that this piano should offer a breath of fresh air and a familiar presence. With an overall tone of simple white, it has a slim form reminiscent of a modern table. For such a simple and elegant form, the texture became key to the design.
The body is coated in a white specifically developed for the MODUS R01. Basic white stands out too much in an interior and adds an air of tension to the room, so our design added a slight amount of cream to the paint, for a warmer feel. On the surfaces of the piano, this coating has a gentle texture rather like that of human skin, affording the instrument a gentle feel quality feel.
In giving a gentle curve to the inner surfaces of the four legs, we achieved a design both subtle and understated. We believed that for the player, the jewelry box-like body which conceals the all-important keyboard within should be supported by legs that are truly stunning.

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