Yamaha Design “Synapses” YRS-1000


Real 5.1ch surround sound from a single unit. This is a theater rack system perfect for modern interiors.


Featuring aluminum bracing and strong glass horizontals, and a piano-style mirror finished top with matt shelving - aiming for an open design that would appear transparent even to the wind, this product exhibits simple material composition and textures.


A theater-rack for the modern era where flat-screen televisions are becoming the norm. A composed, horizontal layout conceals the advanced functionality and subwoofer contained within.


Designed with simple functionality in mind, perfectly suited to living rooms where families gather. Even with its multiple speakers, the design is one suited to the modern interior, moving away from the conventional “tension” of audio products to become a more welcoming presence.

Kao Nimura
Kao Nimura
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Pursuit of details, for simplicity and quality.

The YSP Digital Sound Projector offers 5.1 channel surround sound through the single horizontal bar of its body. The YRS-1000 represents our attempt to create a comfortable presence through a simple yet refined piece of modern interior design for your living room. The YRS-1000 was designed for the everyday user who chose the YSP not out of any audiophile pretensions, but with the desire to watch television or a movie surrounded by a pleasing yet dynamic sound.
We believe that our “wind transparent” design is one stem closer to transforming that presence into reality, and to sharing the slim-line format of the flat-screen TV. The rack itself employs no large boxes, and its open, outward-looking format lessens any feelings of tension by offering harmony to a room through the flow of space between itself and the other furniture.
We had to pay attention to details to ensure we achieved a simple composition and a refined design; the pursuit of beauty in these necessities was essential. As one example, the front of the design features a thick saran net to prevent the user from being overwhelmed by the speakers’ presence. The sides are finished with a appealing black mirror gloss, projecting an image of quality sound. The aluminum braces needed to bear any heavy appliances utilize a lightweight yet strong H-design. We also gave the inner side a gentle curve to allow strength and elegance to coexist in a single design.
"Polyphony" refers to multiple different melodies playing in harmony. This is a home theater for where families come together, and why we wanted to give it a design that would refine the varied elements of functionality, comfort and quality in a presence that possessed both beauty and harmony.

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