Yamaha Design “Synapses” inpresX

2008 / GOLF CLUB


Utilizing the latest technology and materials to increase hitting distance, this golf club possesses the rare beauty of a good tool.


More than just something to hit the ball with, a partner for the golf course. A design that acts on the heart, demanding to be loved.


With its discrete use of forged titanium, and both matt and gloss coatings, the inpres possesses a subtle finish that never palls.


The very image of a pleasing shot, there in your hands… there in your heart. A design that brings to perfection the sound, the feel, and the very experience of a golf shot.


A design expressing the two opposing forces of muscle “bulk” and tendon “control.” When applied to the dual-nature of golf, it symbolizes the identity of a physical and intellectual sport.


On the golf course, the only things you can rely on are your own clubs. In one sense, golf is a very solitary sport. That’s why a club should be a presence you can rely on, one to which to you can give your all, for each and every shot.

Daisuke Saito
Daisuke Saito
Yamaha Design Laboratory

A design that acts on the player’s feelings, for that satisfactory golf shot.

The ability to hit the ball a long way. If that’s all that you need to do, then golf clubs don’t really need to be designed. However, once out on the course, golf is a highly solitary sport, without teammates, coaches, or even a referee. For a sport that relies on both physical and intellectual play, and one in which your score is affected not just by your strength and technique but also by even the slimmest of doubts, a golf club for those important shots must be a partner that responds strongly to a golfer’s trust. We believe that in addition to materials and functionality, a design that acts on the player's emotions is essential.
The inpres features the lavish use of advanced materials like carbon and forged titanium. Our design rejects the notion of emphasizing the materials and excessive use of intimidating ornamentation, concentrating instead on quality and on inspiring a relaxed air that allows the player to become one with the club, forging a relationship of trust. The resulting design symbolizes a duality of muscular strength and flexibility of tendons. It has a beautiful finish that inspires the player to strategize, rather than to just let fly. That perfect sound heard is the crispness of the moment when the club impacts the ball… a sound and feeling made possible by the inpres, a design that brings all of the joy of golf to a subtle partnership between golfer and club.

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