Yamaha Design “Synapses” CC121


This dedicated channel controller gives users the ability to control Cubase music production software quickly and easily.


Designers limited themselves to those functions deemed essential, paring down the controls to a single knob and fader for a streamlined, uncomplicated interface. The panel surface is bare of all screws for improved tactility and better operation when working by touch.


Designed to cater to the creative aspects of the musical mind, the CC121 brims with creativity, taking a different direction to that followed by other commercial audio products. The silver finish of the brushed aluminum lends an air of refinement to the fascia, and the innovative two-tone panel recalls the layered construction of Steinberg’s CUBASE DAW software.


The CC121 features three operational sections optimized for software. Keeping efficient operability with mouse, the CC121 offers users both the torque and feel that comes with faders and knobs.


The CC121 acts as a hardware interface for Steinberg’s CUBASE DAW software. Standardized interface concepts, commonality of controls and layers, and efficient zoning of locator and equalizer functions provide a direct link between software and hardware; a nexus between the real and the virtual and a faster, more efficient user-experience.

Amiya Eizo
Amiya Eizo
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Design that responds to the inspiration of musicians.

When designing a music production tool one can take one of two directions. The first is precision and reliability, as seen in professional audio equipment. The second is to for the product itself to have a polished newness and a concept that inspires the senses of musicians. The Steinberg-brand CC121 and MR816 are both interfaces for the CUBASE music production software beloved of so many musicians, and can be used in the home studio as well as in more professional facilities. We were therefore aiming for a fresh new design that would stimulate musicians’ sensitivities.
We achieved our goals for a refined design with superb surface textures, two-tone coloration, and a smooth operating surface free of screws. The design also takes into consideration the ease with which it can be used by either hand when combined with a PC, offering a single-fader, single-knob configuration that is intuitively usable.

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