With a Custom-Designed Capsule and Insulator to Suppress Vibration, A New Lineup Helps Creators Deliver the Voices of Music Production and Live-streaming

Yamaha Dynamic Microphone YDM Series

Yamaha Corporation announces the release of the YDM series, a new line of dynamic microphones.

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Yamaha Dynamic Microphone YDM Series

The YDM Series is a dynamic microphone encased in a sleek metal body that incorporates years of expertise and know-how in the design and manufacture of professional audio equipment. It can be used for on-stage performance as well as music production and live streaming, bringing out the creator's 'true voice' with accurate and clear sound capture.

YDM707 is equipped with a custom-designed super-cardioid capsule that captures a wider frequency range and detailed sound, and rejects unwanted background noise by narrowing the pickup direction. It is available in either black or white colors.

YDM505 incorporates a custom-designed cardioid capsule with a powerful mid- and high- frequency range, an easily adjustable microphone position, and wider directionality. YDM505S is based on the YDM505 and has a mute switch with a sliding tab locking function.

All models incorporate flowing curves in the grip design, reminiscent of musical instruments.

Product Name Model Name
Dynamic Microphone YDM707 B/W
Replacement Grille GR-YDM707 B/W
  • Colors: B (BLACK), W (WHITE)

Key Features

1. Precise, clear sound with custom-designed microphone capsules

The YDM Series incorporates a custom-designed microphone capsule. YDM707 uses a super-cardioid type that can pick up distant sounds by narrowing down the pick-up direction. It captures a wide frequency range, and is less likely to pick up unwanted background noise. YDM505 and YDM505S feature a custom cardioid capsule with a slightly wider directivity that has a powerful mid- and high- frequency range. Position in handheld use is easily adjusted. Both deliver accurate and clear sound.

[ Image ] YDM707


[ Image ] YDM505


2. Handling noise reduced by an insulator made of proprietary material

The YDM Series features a capsule insulator that utilizes a proprietary Yamaha material, designed to minimize external vibrations that cause handling noise. This design allows creators to focus on their performance without distractions, while also providing a more comfortable listening experience.

3. A refined grip that's instrumental in shape

Even the external design of the YDM Series embodies the sound-capturing qualities of the microphone as a musical instrument, incorporating a shape reminiscent of the bell curve of brass instruments. The result is an elegant form that delivers joy in ownership while providing a comfortable grip.

4. Comes with accessories for comfortable use

The YDM Series comes with a microphone holder (including a conversion screw) and a microphone pouch (black). The YDM707W has a white microphone holder. Replacement grills are also available, sold separately.

Product Specifications

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