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Yamaha's Automotive Sound System to Bring Superior Sound Experience to Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Automobiles

Yamaha Corporation announces that its automotive sound system has been adopted for use by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (hereinafter "Mitsubishi Motors"). As part of this collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors, Yamaha will provide high-quality audio products and sound design for vehicles that use its automotive sound systems.

As the first of many collaborative efforts to come, the jointly developed "Dynamic Sound Yamaha Premium" sound system will be featured in an all-new compact SUV from Mitsubishi Motors, set to debut in Indonesia. The SUV will be shown publicly for the first time ever at the 30th GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show to be held August 10–20 this year.

As part of Yamaha's "Make Waves 2.0" medium-term management plan, we are actively working to strengthen our industrial machinery and components business, which has automotive sound systems at its core, as our third business pillar, alongside our musical instruments and audio equipment businesses. Yamaha's automotive sound systems have already been adopted by multiple automobile manufacturers and have received high praise from many users.

This collaboration is another step toward further growth, as Yamaha works to deliver new and outstanding experiences of music to Mitsubishi Motors customers worldwide.

Yamaha's Automotive Sound System

Yamaha envisions sound for vehicle spaces based on the concept "Closer to the Artist" and driven by the desire to deliver the thrill of the moment when music is born. By specially designing audio that integrates with the individuality and concept of the vehicle and user values, Yamaha achieves optimum audio tailored to each car. Careful attention is given to the hardware used to shape the acoustic space, which includes the same diaphragms used in our flagship speakers, Yamaha's own original audio DSP, and more. System features are designed to orchestrate a new sound experience that offers a balance of entertainment, safety, and peace of mind. Our systems support content that leverages 3D sound technologies such as Dolby Atmos® to deliver a spectacularly immersive listening experience to every seat of the vehicle. At the same time, warning sounds have added directionality, which has the potential to provide driving assistance by improving driver awareness.

Note: Some of the features mentioned above are still in development and may not appear in the aforementioned Mitsubishi vehicle.

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