In Collaboration with the Winner of the "nana" Music Collab App Vocals Audition

Yamaha Releases "Fuiro" Voicebank for VOCALOID™6

Available for Purchase from the Official VOCALOID SHOP from May 9

Yamaha Corporation announces the release of the "Fuiro" voicebank for VOCALOID6. Starting from May 9, the new voicebank is available for purchases (download only) from the official VOCALOID SHOP (

[ Image ] Yamaha VOCALOID6 Voicebank Fuiro
Yamaha VOCALOID6 Voicebank Fuiro
Product Price (without tax) Release
Voicebank Fuiro $90 May 9
Plus Voicebank Set $293
  • Note: VOCALOID6 has four new VOCALOID:AI-compatible voices exclusive to VOCALOID6 (HARUKA, AKITO, SARAH, ALLEN) and four VOCALOID5 standard voices (Amy, Chris, Kaori, Ken).

Product Overview

Developed by Yamaha in 2003, VOCALOID singing voice synthesis technology and software creates vocals for songs using lyrics and melodies as input. Synthesizing different vocals is as simple as switching between voicebanks, which are generated from actual human voices. Released in October 2022, VOCALOID6 features the VOCALOID:AI synthesis engine, which uses artificial intelligence to synthesize more natural, richly expressive singing voices. VOCALOID songs created using VOCALOID technology have sparked a new generation of music, boasting countless fans and listeners around the world.

The newly released "Fuiro" voicebank for VOCALOID6 allows users to enjoy creating vocals from artist "philo*1", who was chosen as the grand prize winner of Yamaha's "Become a VOCALOID voicebank! " vocals audition held in February 2022 via the "nana" music collaboration app, which is operated by nana music, Inc. The voicebank authentically reproduces philo's powerful vocals, which are known for their high tone and dynamic vocal quality that makes them suitable for a wide range of musical genres, from rock to pop. The voicebank also supports new VOCALOID6 features, such as VOCALO CHANGER, which uses the creator's vocal data to replicate their own singing style as-is, and Multilingual, which makes it possible to sing lyrics in a mixture of fluent Japanese, English, and Chinese with a single voicebank.

  • *1 The official recipient of the grand prize was "Taki Takota", which is an alt account belonging to "philo".

Comment from "philo"

When I saw that nana was hosting the "Become a VOCALOID voicebank!" audition, I got caught up in the excitement and submitted an entry using my alt account. I never expected to win the grand prize! I was disappointed that I had won using my alt account "Taki Takota" instead of my main account "philo", but more than that, I'm just super happy and deeply honored to have my own voice be released as a voicebank for VOCALOID, which I love.
I'm really looking forward to hearing the songs everyone creates with Fuiro!

VOCALOID6 Voicebank "Fuiro" Demo Song

1. "NEONSIGN" (Songwriter: GUCCHO)

2. "Kocchi-Oide" (Lyrics:Futomehososhi, Music: GUCCHO)

About "philo"

"philo" is a female singer known primarily for her vocal covers on social media. Her singing style is unique and unorthodox. She also arranges music for piano, which is her instrument of choice. Despite having only 2,000 Twitter followers at the time, philo's Tweet of herself singing Ado's "Odo" received 49,000 Likes. The post went viral, surpassing one million views, and her followers skyrocketed to over 20,000. Her cover of "God-ish" by PinocchioP rose to popularity based on word of mouth alone and achieved a ranking of #20 on LINE MUSIC.

About "nana"

Developed and operated by nana music, Inc., nana is a music collaboration app that allows you to use your smartphone to record and post yourself singing or playing a musical instrument. Users can add layers of vocals or music to any sound posted on nana to create choral or acapella arrangements, band performances, and more, allowing them to enjoy music collaboration, anytime, anywhere. The app has approximately 10 million registered users.

Release Celebration Sale

To celebrate its release, the "Fuiro" voicebank will be available from May 9 until May 31 at a special introductory price of $45 (without tax), which is 50% off the regular price of $90 (without tax).

For more details, please visit the official VOCALOID SHOP:

About the Vocals Audition

In February 2022, Yamaha hosted a vocals audition via the "nana" music collaboration app with the aim of introducing VOCALOID to a wider audience. The audition also provided an opportunity for the winner to have their vocals featured in a VOCALOID voicebank. "Taki Takota (philo)" was selected as the grand prize winner from among 3,182 valid entries based on her impressive singing skill and characteristic sound.

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