Yamaha Design “Synapses” CSP Series


A next-generation digital piano that brings you joy to play.


With the exception of a few keyboard operations, cutting edge digital piano functions are brought together in one exclusive smart device application. The elimination of electronic buttons from the instrument gives it the appearance and playability of an upright piano.


The music stand can be used with a connected tablet or other smart device and has been placed at the player’s fingertips for improved visibility during performance and ease of set-up. The positioning of its height, angle, and distance have been taken into consideration to minimize interference during performance.


You can play your favorite music simply by playing the keys indicated by the stream lights. Distinguishability is improved through the use of red lights for white keys and blue for black keys. When you do not want to use the stream lights, they can be completely turned off to allow you undivided attention in playing the instrument like any other typical piano.


With its stream lights feature that works with our exclusive application to enhance player experience, this finely crafted piano has a multitude of functions. It allows even beginners to perform in front of audiences, then as their skills improve, the guide function can be switched off and players can explore their own range of performance expression as with any typical piano. This piano offers a wide variety of enjoyable playing experiences to suit any player skill level.

Mami Sato
Mami Sato
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Piotr Stolarski
Piotr Stolarski
Yamaha Design Laboratory

An digital piano that can be enjoyed throughout a player’s evolution from beginner to expert.

The CSP Series has been created as a new Clavinova line of digital pianos equipped with stream lights technology. Features include an audio-to-score function that can automatically convert audio signals of your favorite music into written musical notes, and a stream lights function that uses flashing stream lights to help navigate the keyboard while playing.
With these pianos we provide the multiple functions of the CVP series, while also returning to our roots with the traditional upright piano look and feel of the CLP series.
One notable feature of the pianos is their music stands, which can accommodate connected smart devices. After experimenting with numerous prototypes, we arrived at a music stand position with: a height that provides good visibility; an angle that minimizes reflected light glare while also increasing stability against toppling; and a distance that minimizes interference with the player during performances. With the stream lights function turned off, it is easy to forget it is even there. Our unique smart device application and guide can be used to take full advantage of the capabilities of this digital piano during practice sessions. Then, when a player is ready to perform in front of audiences, these functions can be turned off so that the instrument can be enjoyed with the sound and feel of an acoustic piano.
While the instrument is provided with functions to help beginners, the beautiful piano elegance of its construction also ensures that it can satisfy and continued to be enjoyed by intermediate and advanced players. Being able to perform on a professional-quality instrument like this at home, even people who cannot read music can get a taste of the feeling and joy of being a pianist. Why not enjoy it with a glass of brandy by your side? We hope you can welcome it into your home as a new family member and a good friend who will bring you many years of enjoyment.

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