Yamaha Design “Synapses” ADECIA


A one-stop sound solution for remote conferencing that improves the quality of voice communications.


For this product, we had in mind a simple design that uses only a modicum of space, with a minimalistic user interface that’s built to be functional while creating a comfortable environment to stimulate the creative minds of its users. This is an audio system that’s made for long-term use, giving users the option to select the most appropriate microphones for the size and number of people in the conference room.


ADECIA allows you to dock and stagger the mics in a 3-2-3 diagonal arrangement. The gooseneck mics can be made to fit between the front mics and face upwards, all of which allows for a more compact charger. This makes for not only a tidy design but also a charming arrangement that resembles chicks peeking out of a bird’s nest.


ADECIA's unique windmill-shaped grille pattern conveys a textile-like impression without looking metallic, harmonizing with the design of a room. What’s more, the product’s design with large, round molded shapes that appear to be connected gives a unified feel to this collection of components with their different roles.


Ceiling array microphones can be installed in the ceiling so that the remote conferencing equipment can be used right away after users enter a room, without the need to set up any equipment on the desk. This system delivers audio with so much clarity that you hardly notice like the other party is in a totally different place.

Toshihide Suzuki
Toshihide Suzuki
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Using design to bring devices with different roles together as a unified product.

ADECIA is a one-stop sound solution developed for smooth and stress-free remote conferencing. Unlike the portable YVC series, this system is intended to be installed when a new conference room is built. It features multiple components, including ceiling array microphones, tabletop array microphones, processors, and switches. The challenge facing the design team was how to present these different devices with different roles as a coherent product.
To achieve a unified design, we spent considerable time in creating the grille pattern, a key design element. Grilles are used on microphones and speakers to allow sound in and out and for heat to escape. With this system, we designed an original fabric-like pattern of track oval shapes arranged like windmills. This design was applied to each of the components, creating a sense of unity. Using this grille pattern as a design element helped to mitigate an otherwise stalwart metallic impression, allowing ADECIA to blend in well into a room.
Further, since this system is to be installed as conference room equipment for long-term use, the design had to avoid being old-fashioned and over-assertive. ADECIA is available in both white and black base colors, which are common office ceiling and wall colors, and the ceiling array microphones, access points and other components can be painted to match the conference room to which they are delivered.
Although ADECIA was developed before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the social climate since then has made remote conferencing more popular, and thus we feel that even more potential exists in the remote communications market. For instance, though it may not be immediately apparently, the objects situated around you in a conference room are plain to see, and the things that happen to catch your eye or the objects that you touch often end up serving as inspiration for your creativity. As this product will be delivered to conference rooms within Japan and around the world, it could well be the catalyst for such opportunities. Our aim is to continue to create designs that stimulate users, just by being in their presence.

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