Yamaha Design “Synapses” TF Series

2016 / MIXER

Digital mixers equipped with TouchFlow Operation™


The TF series is equipped with an operation system optimized for touch screen operation and physical knobs that allow for fine adjustments. Yamaha has invested in this provocative product with an eye on the market for digital mixers, having developed three sizes that pack a multitude of functions into a compact housing, so that it can be used in a wide range of applications and by both experienced engineers and beginners.


We used a two-block construction composed of an upper block for the touch screen interface and a lower block to control the faders and other knobs, then made it visually distinctive with a black and silver two-tone color. The step built into the boundary between the two blocks functions as a stable platform in front of the screen for an iPad or a set list.


We wanted the unit to be easy to install in the TF-RACK and so created a minimalist interface with the touch screen and the touch-and-turn knobs. The touch screen is held at an angle in an escutcheon, improving usability when the mixer is installed in a rack.


Although the TF consoles and the TF-RACK have the same operating system, they have different forms and appearances to meet the needs of different applications. Anyone who has experience operating either of them can use the other as well, shortening the time needed for users to master so that both products can be used in a wide range of applications.


The friendly user interface combines an intuitiveness that allows you to tweak the audio directly on the touch screen and a simplicity that allows for good balance to be achieved with just one knob. It combines various colors and shapes of knobs and buttons to provide ease of use, regardless of the venue.

Takashi Honda
Takashi Honda
Design Studio CRAC

Masafumi Ito
Masafumi Ito
Yamaha Design Laboratory

A digital mixer that is inviting in both function and appearance.

For this digital mixer, we aimed for a design that is abundantly familiar in terms of function and appearance and that assumed a wide range of users and applications, from professionals to beginners.
Its most intriguing feature is its separation into two blocks—the fader block with physical knobs and buttons and the multi-touch LCD block—which are contrasted in the two colors of black and silver to draw attention to their distinctiveness. We included a step on the boundary between the two blocks to provide new functionality in allowing operation while placing an iPad or set list on the mixer itself.
PA equipment must be the embodiment of function, while simultaneously having components that boost motivation in sound engineers who are in a tense environment with no room for backtracking. Our design elements resonate in the minds of sound engineers who want to enjoy the performance with the musicians, and they express a stylishness that has never been seen before. The sectional form and two-tone colors create the impression of speed.
We believe that we have achieved the first design that is easy-to-use even for those who are unfamiliar with digital mixers, while creating an appearance that is easily recognized anywhere, such as the new side-panel molding and the barrel-shaped buttons. We would be overjoyed if sound engineers would approach the digital convenience and authentic functionality of this mixer, because of its welcoming appearance and usability, and end up falling in love with its charm.

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