Yamaha Design “Synapses” VXS Series ''F model''



A surface-mounted speaker that fills commercial spaces with elegant sounds.


Thin and light, like a leaf on a tree, the F model provides a seemingly floating, pure visual presence while delivering high-quality audio that fills cafés, shops, and other spaces with moments of joy.


The calming design gives all those present a feeling of peace, wherever the F model is installed. The tuning fork emblem adorning the center of the grill represents Yamaha's uncompromising approach to faithful audio reproduction.


The gentle lines along the edges and the smooth curves that constitute the solid form of the speaker, all present from the rear to the front, give rise to a rich, expressive form apparent even when viewing the unit from behind.


Although understated, the speaker's design wordlessly asserts its presence. The F model can also be connected to a PA system, delivering pleasant tones that produce an appealing soundscape.

Takenori Ohmachi
Takenori Ohmachi
Yamaha Design Laboratory

As though it's just floating in space. An unassuming presence, packed with good sound.

The VXS series of surface-mounted speakers developed with cafés, restaurants, apparel shops, and other commercial spaces in mind. Typically, audio equipment of this sort is installed in places where it cannot be seen, with only the sounds it produces being audible. The F Model of this series, however, has been designed to be on full, visible display as part of a stylish interior, adding allure to the space in which it is installed. During development, our goal was to create a speaker that reflected our dedication to sound.
The picture that I thus painted in my mind during the development process was that of an object floating in space rather than just some lump stuck to the wall. We gave these speakers a thin, light, floating appearance by having them fit snugly in the corner between the wall and the ceiling, and making the speaker grill broad enough to cover the less visually attractive mounting pieces. The design features a taut, subtly bulging form—almost like a plump loaf of freshly baked bread—conveying the impression of a device jammed packed with sound. This shape declares to all who see it that, small though these speakers may be, the sound they produce is high fidelity.
Working to give concrete expression to the concept for this shape, which contained no straight lines, I created a design mock-up, checking the design over and over by hand. I used this mock-up as the basis for the blueprints. In particular, the process of creating the speaker grill, which consists of a three-dimensional curve, involved close cooperation with the head of the design department. The design of the F Model includes ideas from myself and numerous other members of our team, including those from planning, sales, and design.
Some owners are enthusiastic about both the interior design and sound of their store, and I believe that with the F model we can deliver precisely what they want. I would be thrilled to hear people talk about the cool design and great sound of these speakers, and delighted if their design fosters communication among store owners, the customers who visit their shops, and all others who might gather in such spaces.

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