Yamaha Design “Synapses” ELS-02


Offers all of the basic performance of the STAGEA.


The new ELS-02 model has been designed with a monochromatic color scheme to reflect the interior design trends that have changed over the 10 years since the first model was produced. It is also possible to upgrade the ELS-01 so that it has the same functionality as the ELS-02 by replacing sound sources and the LCD control unit.


The large control panel surface and variety of controls show the wealth of features of the STAGEA series. To enable the player to concentrate on performance, visibility has been improved by grouping and sorting buttons into black areas that have clearly printed text and contrast with the bright panel.


The first-generation ELS-01 demonstrated the new concept of modular design to enable disassembly/re-assembly, a feature that was made more obvious by increasing the contrast of each part. The concept has continued to develop through the adoption of expansion units.


The structural design of the four-legged frame stands up to dynamic performances and allows the audience to see the use of both hands and both feet in the player’s performance.

Kunihiro Takei
Kunihiro Takei
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Making the concept clearer, taking it to a deeper level.

The Electone STAGEA is a series of electronic organs manufactured by Yamaha that allows the player to use both hands and both feet to play two sets of manuals and a pedalboard to perform various styles of music ranging from orchestral to rock. Yamaha released the ELS-01, the first model in this series, in 2004. The ability to be disassembled/re-assembled for easy transportation and the ability to be upgraded (called “vitalizing”) with new modules were defining characteristics of this model.
While the ELS-02 has kept to the original STAGEA concept, it also reflects the advances that have been made over the last 10 years. The ELS-01 was designed to fit in the home and on the stage, with a modular structure and design features that reflected the interior design trends of that time. Now that 10 years have passed, we felt that the value of the STAGEA series would be enhanced by further emphasizing its concepts while bringing it up to date with the trends of modern interior design.
We changed the overall color scheme of the ELS-02 from warm colors to sharp, achromatic colors. As a result, the difference between modules has become clear, the functional components such as buttons have been clearly differentiated to make them easier to use, and playability has been improved. In addition, the upper part of the ELS-02 is enclosed in a U-shape with bright glossy white components so that it looks impressive on stage. We conceived this design as a tribute to the GX-1—Yamaha’s legendary multi-manual Electone.
This time it was my job to enhance the value of the Yamaha Electone by replacing the “vitalize units” so that the instrument’s performance will continue to improve, and by rearranging the STAGEA structure. I believe that by continually striving to create instruments that are faithful to the STAGEA concept, we can produce instruments that can be enjoyed for a much longer time.

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