Yamaha Design “Synapses” POCKETRAK PR7


Audio Recorder Captures Deep, Rich Stereo Sound.


A novel stereo microphone configuration that captures elaborate performances accurately. Large buttons are easy to push while holding an instrument. The Pocketrak PR7 is equipped with important functions only a musical-instrument maker can provide.


The stereo microphones deliver high-resolution recordings with a sense of depth, and their sharp, silver matte finishes and throwback round openings instead of slits proclaim their presence and give the Pocketrak PR7 its identity.


The RECORD, STOP, and all-important OVERDUB buttons are located where fingers want to go when holding the Pocketrak PR7, and their spun finish enhances their feel and texture. The product’s glossy black finish is like that of a piano, providing texture and preventing noise from the friction that occurs when hands touch it during recording.


The slimmer bottom, large buttons, and symmetrical design of the Pocketrak PR7 make it easy to hold and operate with either hand. Simple operation and smart design allow musicians to focus on their music, record their natural flow, and capture fleeting moments of inspiration.

Jens Rosberg
Jens Rosberg
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Recorder Functions as Instrument Accessory.

Complete with metronome, tuner, and overdubbing functions, the Pocketrak PR7 is the perfect digital audio recorder for people who love playing musical instruments.
The PR7 is the third generation of the Pocketrak Series, and its newly developed crossed XY stereo microphones capture the natural depth of sound and dominate the visual appearance of the recorder.
Interestingly, the user interface took the most time to design. Musicians cannot use a recorder whose operation is so complex that it interferes with making music or allows their fleeting inspiration to disappear. They are the main users of the PR7, so when I began to design it, I imagined a guitarist playing while his foot worked the effects pedal. Using a pedal is intuitive and simple, and it is practically a part of the performance itself. To make the PR7 like that, I made the buttons as large as possible and located them in places musicians’ fingers would naturally find immediately upon picking up the recorder. I thought in detail about ergonomics, about rounding the corners to make it easier to hold and designing a depression into the underside to provide a good place for the fingers to rest.
Musicians will continue to connect with their audiences by sharing music through social networking services and other online outlets. The stars of the next generation will probably emerge from the places they share music. Pocketrak recorders make it simple to produce high-quality digital audio recordings, and I feel that they will continue to help musicians reach their audiences.

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