Yamaha Eco-Products program

Summary of the program

[image] The Yamaha Eco-Label

The Yamaha Eco-Products program is an initiative aimed at certifying environmentally-friendly products that meet standards established by Yamaha.
The Yamaha Eco-Label (shown on the right) is attached to those products certified as Yamaha Eco-Products. The aim of the program is to provide customers with environmental-related information and facilitate their identification of our products meeting these standards when they select items to purchase.

Outline of the program

For creating the sustainable society, Yamaha Group strives to develop the environmentally friendly products based on Yamaha Group Environmental Policy for creating the sustainable society. Yamaha Eco-Products program started in 2015 to accelerate its efforts.

Concepts behind the program

To promote the development of eco-friendly products, the Yamaha Group has set “Product Environmental Quality Objectives” that take account of environmental preservation, sustainability of materials supply, value for consumers, and other qualities. Those products that meet these standards are specially certified as Yamaha Eco-Products that make major contributions toward realizing these objectives.

[ image ] Concepts behind the program

Environmental Quality Objectives for Yamaha Products

  • Reduction in contained harmful substances and volatile organic compounds (“VOCs”)
  • Employment of alternatives to rare woods: Switching to materials that contribute to sustainability
  • Promotion of saving and reuse of resources
  • Reduction in energy consumed during usage
  • Improvement of sound environment
  • Development of products that feature environmental performance that makes them attractive,make an appeal to customers for these qualities

Certification Standards

Yamaha products that achieve one or more of the following will be certified:

  • In comparison within the same product category of in-house manufactured products, the product is found to have remarkably enhanced*1 environmental performance*2 compared with the base year*3 or benchmark value*4.
  • In the same product category in the industry, the product is found to have been designed to have the top quantitative environmental performance.
  • In the same product category in the industry, the product is found to be designed to have not just standard, but excellent qualitative environmental performance.
  • The product has received third-party certification or an award for environmentally friendliness.
  • *1 Verified to show improvement of not less than 20%
  • *2 The environmental efficiency, defined as product performance and environmental load, is acceptable.
  • *3 Not exceeding five (5) years from the date of the application.
  • *4 As based on specified values, guideline values, legal standard values, voluntary standard values, etc.

Certified Products example

(As of March 31 2024)