Three Yamaha Designs Selected in the Good Design Awards 2022, "Multilingual Announcement System powered by SoundUD" Chosen for Good Design Best 100

- VOCALOID Receives Long Life Design Award -

Yamaha Corporation announces that three of its designs this year have received a Good Design Award, which is an award sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion: namely, the AG01 live streaming USB microphone, the "Intercom via your Smartphone powered by SoundUD" intercom system for facilities, and the "Text and Sound Based Multilingual Announcement System powered by SoundUD" public announcement system (hereinafter "Multilingual Announcement System powered by SoundUD"), developed in cooperation with USEN CORPORATION (USEN-NEXT GROUP). The "Multilingual Announcement System powered by SoundUD" was also chosen for the Good Design Best 100, which consists of designs that have received especially high evaluations.

In addition, Yamaha's VOCALOID singing voice synthesis technology and software received the Good Design Long Life Design Award, which honors exceptional designs that are widely endorsed by users and consumers and have been continuously provided for more than 10 years.

Many such awards have been won by Yamaha designs in the 39 consecutive years since 1984, including the 2017 Grand Award for its casual wind instrument, Venova™.

Good Design Best 100 Recipient

"Text and Sound Based Multilingual Announcement System powered by SoundUD" Public Announcement System

An app that makes broadcasting multilingual announcements easy. Users can choose from a selection of generic preset announcements suitable for a wide variety of businesses and situations. Making a multilingual announcement is as simple as tapping the desired announcement on the tablet screen. Corresponding text can also be displayed on signage, making it possible to deliver information equally to a diverse audience, regardless of language ability, hearing ability, etc. The system is utilized in a variety of facilities, such as shopping malls, stations, and stadiums, for both ordinary use and disaster situations.

  • *Award shared by Yamaha and USEN Corporation.

App branded by Yamaha as "OMOTENASHI GUIDE Announcements" and by USEN Corporation as "OMOTENASHI CAST".

Good Design Award Recipients

AG01 Live Streaming USB Microphone

An all-in-one USB microphone for live streaming that combines the microphone, audio interface, and sound mixing functions most users need for live streaming into an elegantly minimalist microphone unit with a dedicated stand. Simply connect to your computer or iOS/Android device along with the headphones of your choice, and you're ready to start streaming. Volume and DSP effects can be adjusted using buttons and knobs on the front of the microphone, offering an exquisite balance of intuitive controls, ease of use, and pleasing aesthetics.

"Intercom via your Smartphone powered by SoundUD" Intercom System for Facilities

An intercom system for facilities that uses a panel as a trigger, thus requiring no dedicated equipment. Visitors simply hold their smartphones over SoundUD Trigger panels to use the intercom service to talk with attendants, without the need for a dedicated app. In addition to spoken communication, the system supports texting using a keyboard input device and offers multilingual support via machine translation, making it accessible to foreigners and visually or hearing-impaired visitors, as well. The system is suitable for a wide variety of use cases, including responding to inquiries from visitors at train stations and airports with reduced staff, or at unstaffed or remotely staffed shops in commercial facilities.

Good Design Long Life Design Award Recipient

VOCALOID Singing Voice Synthesis Technology and Software

Singing voice synthesis technology and software for creating vocals using data recorded from actual human voices when a melody and lyrics are input. The first PC software to use VOCALOID technology was released in 2004 and new versions have been released every few years since. Music sung with VOCALOID has often triggered exchange between creators and listeners on video-sharing websites and social media, contributing to the formation of a new music culture. With the development of an educational version to support learning at schools, use in the reproduction of singing of vocalists who have passed away, and more, VOCALOID continues to evolve.

About Good Design Award

The Good Design Award is a sole comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system, organized by Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Its origin was the "Good Design Product Selection System" established in 1957 by Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

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