Yamaha Announces Partnership with AVer for Enhanced Video and Audio Collaboration

Yamaha is excited to announce a technology partnership with AVer Information Inc. with AVer's industry-leading cameras and Yamaha's high-quality microphones, the collaboration provides a smart solution to further enhance virtual connectivity and video presentation experiences.

Ceiling Microphone 『RM-CG』
[ Image ] Tabletop Microphone 『RM-TT』


Tabletop Microphone 『RM-TT』

"We're very excited to partner with AVer, a brand that provides exceptional video solutions, and we believe the combination of their cameras with our microphones will take video and audio experiences to new heights." – said Nobuo Ikematsu, senior general manager of information & communication division, Yamaha.

"AVer is proud to align with Yamaha, a well-respected leader in the industry with strong values in innovation and excellence, to deliver a seamless user experience in both professional and educational environments." – said Andy Hsi, CEO of AVer Information Inc.

Yamaha's Ceiling Array microphone RM-CG and Tabletop Array Microphone RM-TT can be combined with AVer's USB Conferencing Cameras* to enhance audio tracking function, through the use of PTZApp 2. Similarly, by using the app PTZ Link, AVer's Auto Tracking Cameras and PTZ Cameras* can also integrate with the two aforementioned microphones for voice tracking functionality. With the utilization of Yamaha's microphones and the compatible software, the cameras will automatically identify the speaker in the room and switch to the preset point of where that person is. Both software are free and can be downloaded from the AVer website.

  • *1 Compatible USB Conferencing Cameras: CAM130, CAM340+, CAM520 pro, CAM520 Pro (PoE), CAM520 Pro2, CAM540, CAM550.
  • *2 Compatible auto-tracking cameras and PTZ cameras: PTC310(N), PTC310U(N), PTC310H(N), PTC330(N), PTC330U, PTC330UV2, PTC115, PTC115+, PTC500S, PTC500+, DL30, PTZ310(N), PTZ330(N).

In addition to the collaboration, Yamaha and AVer will both be participating in the Education Comprehensive Exhibition (EDIX) Tokyo in Japan from May 11th to May 13th, 2022, to showcase various products that contribute to the field of education. Concurrently, both brands will also be present in the Integrated Systems Europe 2022 exhibition in Barcelona with their respective booths from May 10th to May 13th, 2022.

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