Environmental Management

  1. Yamaha Group Environmental Policy
  2. Environmental Management Systems
  3. Initiatives for Promoting Environmental Management
  4. Environmental Education and Training

Recognizing environmental issues as an important issue, the Yamaha Group is committed to continuing its contribution to the realization of a better global environment.
Based on the Yamaha Group Environmental Policy, Yamaha is actively involved in measures related to climate change on a global scale, including the reducing emissions of hazardous chemical substance and risk of leaking related to business activities, the appropriate use of timber and forest prevention.
These resolutions related to environmental issues are incorporated into our mid-term management plan, and we are conducting business according to the action plans in related business divisions.

The Yamaha Group has created a global environmental promotion system with the Yamaha Group Environmental Management System (YEMS) at its core. The board director in charge of environment at Yamaha Corporation is the representative in charge.
The board director in charge of environment conducts a management review once every half-year to check the progress of ongoing measures, items based on requests by stakeholders and laws and regulations, and information about accidents or complains related to environment. Important issues that arise are deliberated in the management meeting.

Based on the YEMS, integrated for all domestic business sites, each business site overseas has created an Environmental Management System (EMS).
In this system, each business site determines its own environmental goals, develops measures and action plans to realize it, and executes those measures. We then verify that each business site is actively pursuing its goals through internal environmental audits, and process the results for continuous improvement and strengthening.

The Environmental Division of Yamaha Corporation supports and leads all activities related to the environment, such as collecting information on laws and regulations, enacting policies for the entire Yamaha Group, establishing regulations, conducting environmental audits, and following through on each measure.

[ image ] Domestic Integrated EMS System

Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certification

The Yamaha Group is acquiring ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems that meet international standards.
As of the end of March 2017, the Yamaha Corporation and 25 Group companies in Japan and overseas (total of 26 companies) have acquired certification, including approximately 95% of the Yamaha Group with GHG emissions (scope 1 and 2). The Yamaha Group believes the currently acquired certification is sufficient considering its own environmental load, laws and regulations, and other matters. In the future, when establishing business sites that may have a large impact on the environment, they will be added to the certification scope sequentially.

Under ISO 14001 revised in September 2015, the Yamaha Corporation completed revisions by the end of the same year. The plan is to acquire integrated certification in Japan based on the new standard revisions in 2017.

ISO 14001 Certified Sites

Yamaha Corporation Business Sites in Japan
Site Acquisition Date Integration Date
Kakegawa Factory November 1998 November 2010
Toyooka Factory (including Yamaha Hi-Tech Design Corporation) June 2000 November 2010
Headquarters Area February 2001 November 2010
Group Manufacturing Companies in JapanSite
Site Acquisition Date Integration Date
Yamaha Fine Technologies Co., Ltd. March 2001 November 2010
Sakuraba Mokuzai Co., Ltd. September 2002 November 2010
Yamaha Musical Products Japan Co., Ltd.*1 August 2014 August 2014
Kitami Mokuzai Co., Ltd. August 2014 August 2014
  • *1 Name changed to Yamaha Music Manufacturing on April 2017 following merger.
Resort Facilities
Site Acquisition Date Integration Date
Yamaha Resort Inc, Katsuragi November 2001 August 2011
Yamaha Resort Inc, Tsumagoi*2 January 2003 August 2011
  • *2 Business of Yamaha Resort Inc, Tsumagoi transferred at the end of March 2017.
Group Manufacturing Companies Located OverseasSite
Site Acquisition Date
Yamaha Electronics Manufacturing (M) Sdn. Bhd. December 1998
Tianjin Yamaha Electronic Musical Instruments, Inc. December 1999
PT. Yamaha Musical Products Indonesia January 2001
PT. Yamaha Music Manufacturing Indonesia December 2001
PT. Yamaha Indonesia May 2002
PT. Yamaha Music Manufacturing Asia July 2002
PT. Yamaha Electronics Manufacturing Indonesia January 2003
Yamaha Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. March 2004
Hangzhou Yamaha Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. May 2012
Xiaoshan Yamaha Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. March 2013

Environmental Accounting

Yamaha Corporation introduced environmental accounting in fiscal 2000 as a means of quantitatively evaluating the effectiveness of its environmental conservation activities. These environmental accounting practices were then implemented at Yamaha Group production companies and resort facilities in Japan, and have also been implemented at some overseas Group production sites.

The Yamaha Group offers a variety of training and education opportunities to company employees in an effort to raise their knowledge and skills with respect to the environment. The Group provides environmental training such as "general education" to all employees, “specialty education" for instructors and others, and "environmental facilities education and training" for individuals in charge of environmental facilities. Training is adjusted according the needs of each site and work-related duties throughout the year.

Specialized Training for Environmental Preservation Staff

The Group has established curriculum for employees engaged in operations that require specialized knowledge, including personnel involved in waste management, water treatment, and chemical substance handling operations.
We also conduct education related to chemical substance management and accident prevention such as the leakage of environmental pollutants. This educational initiative is based on Yamaha Group Chemical Substance Usage Standards or Yamaha Group Environmental Facility Standards, and conducted onsite to prepare for emergency response.

Fostering Internal Environmental Auditors

Training the staff who actually perform our self-regulated activities with respect to environmental preservation is essential for improving the operations of our environmental management system. The Yamaha Group invites lecturers from external organizations and holds annual seminars to train internal environmental auditors as an initiative to improve our environmental preservation activities.
At business sites in Japan, to date, more than 1,137 participants have obtained their internal environmental auditor qualification and of these, 419 employees are still currently employed at Yamaha. This is 6.2% of our employees at relevant business sites.
With the migration to an ISO integrated management system since fiscal 2011, we have held an Internal Environmental Auditor Brush-Up Seminar to improve the skill set of staff members responsible for internal audits.

Promoting Environmental Activities of Employees

The Yamaha Group provides support and training to improve the environmental awareness of our employees and to promote eco activities that employees can perform as part of their daily routines.

Environmental Awareness Activities in the Home: Smart Life in My Home Commitment and My Eco Commitment Coloring Page

The Yamaha Group has worked with the Yamaha labor union to promote eco-conscious activities in daily life through projects and tools such as keeping track of eco-conscious household activities, “Smart Life in My Home Commitments” that accomplish eco-conscious activities suitable to each employees’ home, and the “My Eco Commitment Coloring Page” for families with children.

Examples of Initiatives under the Smart Life in My Home Commitment (Fiscal 2017)
Details of Commitment Report on Activity
Grow Green Eco curtain, shorten air- conditioning hours, and reduce electricity
(Target: reduce electricity use, same as last year).
We grew another Green Eco curtain this year, just like last year. Similar results to last year were produced, as cost of electricity was reduced.
Save energy by coating the interior wall with plaster We created energy-saving effects by switching from vinyl cloth and coating the interior wall with plaster, and raised the air-conditioning setting by 1℃. We have finished coating 50% of the wall and will finish coating the rest of the wall.
Used less electricity and gas than last year for each month between July and September Monitored the electricity and gas meters for the three months between July and September. Used less of both each month compared to last year.
[ image ] The Smart Life in My Home Commitment activity report sent from employees
The Smart Life in My Home Commitment activity report sent from employees
[ image ] My Eco Commitment Coloring Page
My Eco Commitment Coloring Page

Green Eco Curtains Activities in Employee Homes

Beginning in fiscal 2010, the Yamaha Group has encouraged employees to create Green Eco-Curtain in their homes, in parallel with Green Eco Curtain activities at Yamaha business locations.
In addition to providing how-to instructions, Yamaha distributed seeds for morning glories and bitter gourds to those interested.

[ image ] Photos of Green Eco Curtains collected from employee families
Photos of Green Eco Curtains collected from employee families