Quality Assurance

The Yamaha Group strives for quality improvement through the operation of a quality management system to ensure the production of high quality products and the provision of high quality services.
Quality policies and objectives as well as important quality-related measures being implemented by the Yamaha Group are deliberated by the Quality Committee and then sent to business divisions by instruction of the president and representative executive officer. Each business division sets its own division objectives in line with the quality policies and objectives set by the president. The Yamaha Corporation Quality Assurance Division confirms whether each business division achieves its goals and monitors quality audits (refer to the next section.)

In addition, the “Group Quality Management Policies & Rules” aims to strengthen governance of quality management in the overall Yamaha Group, and requires that quality information from each Group Company is to be concentrated to the head of the Quality Assurance Division of the Yamaha Corporation.

[ image ] Quality Management System

The Site Acquiring ISO 9001 and TS16949 Certifications
(As of the end of March 2018)

ISO 9001: acquired in six business domains
ISO/TS 16949: acquired in one business domain

Auditors of the Yamaha Corporation Quality Assurance Division conduct quality audits to check whether or not the quality management of each business QMS unit, as well as the quality of products and services, matches the target level set by Yamaha Group. While urging improvements if needed, the results of these audits are taken into account in improving the company-wide quality management system. On the other hand, each business QMS unit instructs and audits the factories they oversee, both inside and outside of Japan. Every effort is made to further enhance product quality.
In order to further improve the effectiveness of quality audits, the Yamaha Group is striving to make improvements on both the quality audit results and its process.

The Yamaha Group’s employee quality training program is comprised of expert training and general training for each job position. The goals of this program is to raise awareness and enhance skills with respect to quality control. In addition to existing quality engineering, and product safety courses, in fiscal 2018 the Yamaha Group held a new course for product safety risk assessment (R-Map). The Yamaha Group is considering to re-structure the quality training program to encourage mid-level employees in the engineering field to acquire experience with quality related skills and to raise awareness to management level employees on quality control.