Quality Assurance

The Yamaha Group pursues higher levels of quality through the implementation of a quality management system to ensure the production of high-quality products and the provision of high-quality services.
Groupwide quality policies and objectives as well as important quality-related measures are deliberated on by the Quality Committee, which is chaired by a managing executive officer. Based on these deliberations, the president will issue instructions that will be relayed to business divisions and Group companies via the head of the Yamaha Corporation Quality Assurance Division. Business divisions and Group companies set their own targets based on Groupwide quality policies and objectives. The Quality Assurance Division of Yamaha Corporation conducts monitoring to confirm the degree to which these targets are met and to perform quality audits (please refer to the next section), and reports on these matters are issued to the Quality Committee.
In addition, the Group Quality Management Policies & Rules state that quality-related reports, including those pertaining to quality issues, from throughout the Group are to be managed in a concentrated manner by the head of the Quality Assurance Division of the Yamaha Corporation in order to strengthen Groupwide quality assurance governance.

[ image ] Quality Management System

ISO 9001- and IATF 16949-certified sites
(As of March 31, 2021)

ISO 9001: Acquired in six business domains*
IATF 16949: Acquired in one business domain

  • * Certification has been acquired in relation to the core musical instruments business, audio equipment business, industrial machinery and components business, and golf business.

Auditors of the Yamaha Corporation Quality Assurance Division conduct quality audits to check whether or not the business division quality management systems and product and service quality match the target level set by the Yamaha Group. Based on the results of these audits, improvement requests are issued and improvements are implemented to Companywide quality management systems. At the same time, business divisions issue instructions to and perform audits of the factories they oversee, both in and outside Japan, in pursuit of higher product quality.
In order to further improve the effectiveness of quality audits, the Group is implementing improvement activities targeting both quality audit results and processes.

The Yamaha Group's human resource training programs include specialized quality technique training as well as rank-based training with the goal of improving quality awareness and quality management skills. In fiscal 2021, the Group held quality engineering courses, product safety risk assessment courses (R-Map), and other courses. Going forward, the Group will restructure its quality assurance training programs to facilitate the acquisition of quality-related skills by mid-level employees in the engineering field while revising quality management training to raise quality awareness among management.