Yamaha Design “Synapses” YC61


A stage keyboard that meets the most demanding needs of today’s active keyboard players.


A 61-key stage keyboard ideal for organ performances, designed in the mold of the CP88 and CP73 keyboards that focused on piano and electric piano performances. The classic rounded edges of the waterfall keys and the slightly curved keytops were newly developed to accommodate the distinctive techniques of organists.


Eight LED indicators have been used to recreate the each of the drawbars that bring the distinctive voices of the electric organ to life, emphasizing their presence when they are pulled out. Each slider cap features a transparent line that intuitively displays the LED indicator status to the organist, even when they call up a new setting.


The side pads are sloped more steeply toward the organist in anticipation of glissandos (a technique where the organist slides their palm or fingers across the keys in a sweeping motion). They are the same low height as the keys at the front end, allowing the performer to play as actively as they wish without worrying about obstructions.


The YC61 is even slimmer and more lightweight than the CP88 and CP73, making transport to and from live venues easier than ever. To account for the fact that 61-key keyboards often occupy the top row of stage rigs, the Yamaha logo also makes a bold appearance on the bottom surface of the YC61, announcing its presence as a stage instrument to the audience below.

Toshihide Suzuki
Toshihide Suzuki
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Respect and originality.

The YC61 is a stage keyboard in the mold of the CP88 and CP73, complete with 61 keys and a variety of features ideal for organ performances.
Although the basic structure is the same as the CP88 and CP73, the YC61 is designed specifically for organ performances, with waterfall keys and sloped side pads to facilitate glissandos, organ feature controls occupying one third of the control panel.

With the aim of replicating the characteristic voices and maneuverability of electric organs, we equipped the YC61 with a VCM Organ tone generator that emulates the behavior of acoustic organs on the circuit level. However, we wanted to update the design and playability to bring it into the modern age while preserving the familiar voices and operational feeling of a traditional organ.
The drawbars—perhaps the defining characteristic of electric organs—feature LED indicators linked to the movements of the sliders to create the feel of physically moving actual bars. The single-colored slider caps with red as an accent emphasize the emphasis of the YC61 as a Yamaha instrument. We believe we have created a distinct feel with the YC61 through a fusion of a modern feel on par with the CP88 and CP73 with the more retro air of an electric organ.

With the addition of the YC61 following on from the CP88 and CP73, we now offer keyboardists a lineup of keyboards suited for piano, electric piano, and organ performances.
Many concepts are consistent throughout the series, including designs in which highly rigid sheet metal is bent to enclose the interior structure. All serve to inspire a sense of pride and courage in keyboardists. We hope keyboardists enjoy this expansion of our lineup of stage keyboards, and take it as an opportunity to select the model best suited to them to enrich their performing experiences.

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