Yamaha Design “Synapses” STAGEPAS 1K


A slim, easy-to-use, portable PA system with a powerful sound.


A compact and sturdy cabinet with a slim vertical bar. The STAGEPAS 1K features a trapezoidal cross-section with the side surfaces on the bar sloping inwards towards the front at four degrees and those on the subwoofer sloping outwards by the same amount, so that the contrast between the two functional shapes with differing personalities creates a sharp appearance.


Ten small-diameter units, arranged in a J-shape as viewed from the left, deliver uniform volume and sound quality over a wide range. The speaker array and spacer assembly can be easily inserted and removed from the subwoofer for easy setup with no special expertise required.


The layout of the handle and mixer were arranged to fit into the limited space, like fitting in pieces of a puzzle. What appear at a glance to be straight parts are in fact finely shaped to a curve with a radius of 12 m. The result is a rigid and sturdy cabinet.


When illuminated on stage, the subwoofer gives a slim-looking effect thanks to the vertical highlights of the rounded sides of the cabinet front.. The resolute stance of the STAGEPAS 1K creates a contrast of static and motion juxtaposed with the performers.

Keizo Tatsumi
Keizo Tatsumi
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Avoid the ostentatious in favor of simple, sturdy expression.

STAGEPAS 1K is an all-in-one portable PA system that can be used for live performances, as well as for events, conferences, and in other venues. The product name "1K" comes from its rated output of 1000 W, with high sound quality and sound pressure achieved from a compact cabinet. The line array speakers and two spacers can be separated from the main body, and the subwoofer has a handle, which together comprise a portable system. The operation panel equipped with a 5-channel digital mixer sits on the top surface, while the inputs and outputs are placed on the back for ease of use. The panel is laid out by channel with knobs color-coded for each function, making for intuitive operation.
We arrived at this form by stripping away useless elements and focusing on functionality. Both vertical sides of the cabinet front are rounded to give a slimmer impression, while the speaker array also has a narrow front surface to achieve vertical harmony. We examined a rough mockup of the handle based on the shape of the hand that grips it and trimmed down part of the handle at the thumb, making it easier to grip.
I have an affinity for simple, functional, and universal products that are not swayed by current fads. This was our goal in designing the STAGEPAS 1K, with the objective of allowing this product to be used for a long time as well. I hope that people will use it to the fullest.

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